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Come to the aid of an aging Dunmer crusader hounded by a powerful demon who haunts both his dreams and his waking moments. Strike down its infernal servants and venture into the creature's lair to end its life.. or accept its dark offer.

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Travel to a small manor near the city of Vivec to save an aging crusader from a powerful demon and earn one of three unique rewards. 

This mod has two files, one intended for powerful lvl 40 characters with potions and artefacts to call upon and one intended for middling characters of lvl 15 to 20 with reasonable equipment and support gear. It is a fairly short quest mod that you can probably finish in 10 minutes or so depending on how powerful you are but should you come unprepared you will surely perish.

A special note should be mentioned for those playing pure-magic characters, the creatures are often resistant to attacks by magical means so you should have powerful weakness to element spells prepared or you will have a very hard time killing the creatures before they kill you. Reflection spells can also be a boon as they have damaging spells but little to no reflection.

This is my first quest mod and I have tested it extensively but it's entirely possible I missed something so please report any bugs you encounter.