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Reworked meshes for Aesthesia Groundcover, with the addition of small mushrooms and rocks from Remiros' Groundcover.

Permissions and credits
Unhiding this mod because a few people have asked me for it. There are things about this mod I want to rework but I haven't had the time nor motivation so it'll be staying in the flawed state for now. Basically, don't expect updates from me unless it's a complete overhaul three years from now.

While I greatly prefer Aesthesia Groundcover over its alternatives, the mod has some small issues. The textures are filled with unnecessary empty space, taking up one half to three fourths of each texture, increasing VRAM and disk very slightly, but in a way that could easily be reduced. The meshes have had their scale adjusted but had not had the scale applied, making them difficult to adjust or remove manually in the Creation Set. The grass meshes are set to use double sided faces, instead of two separate reversed faces, which can cause some trouble with shadows/light being applied to them. A handful of meshes accidentally have double sided faces turned off, making the grass disappear when viewed from certain angles. While testing, the double sided faces were seemingly turned off for me entirely, leading me to suspect that setting may have trouble displaying in general or in certain configurations. I am also very fond of the small rocks and mushrooms added by Remiros' Groundcover. The purpose of this mod is to correct these problems in the meshes, as well as bring in some elements from Remiros' Groundcover.

  • Optimized textures, resulting in a small decrease in loading time and VRAM usage. Not much but every bit helps.
  • Adjusted meshes to correct inconsistencies in shading
  • Corrected grass disappearing at certain angles for some meshes
  • New addition: small mushrooms and rocks, courtesy of Remiros' Groundcover
  • New addition: unique grass for the Grey Meadow region in TR Preview from Remiros' Groundcover, previously not covered by Aesthesia
  • Meshed corrected to allow for easier moving/removal in the CS, for modders doing manual adjustment

Installation and Compatibility
To install, simply move
  • the meshes and grass generator config files from 00 Core
  • your choice of textures (HD or SD)
  • your desired plugins (Vanilla areas, TR, TR Preview)
to your Data Files folder. If you've already installed Aesthesia Groundcover, overwrite any files it asks you to. Choose to regenerate your distant land using MGEXE, and enable all your chosen grass plugins. It is only necessary to activate the plugins when generating distant land, do not have them active when launching the game.
If you would only like my edited meshes and textures and not the additional mushrooms and rocks, install only the Core and textures folders and use the plugins from the standard Aesthesia version, from its download page or any other uploaded patches. 

If you would like the new grass additions, instead use the plugins from this download. This mod replaces the grass plugins for all regions except for Solstheim and the Grazelands. Grass plugins relying on those regions only, for example Grass for Trackless Grazeland or Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince will be good to go with the standard Aesthesia plugin (included alongside the new plugins). New plugins for vanilla regions and Tamriel Rebuilt have been included, and more plugins for various mods will be uploaded here if I make them.If you use any mods which make edits to the landscape, you will have to make a custom plugin using the MW Mesh Generator by Yacoby. A good writeup of instructions can be found on the Aesthesia Groundcover page, under the installation section. Use the config files included in the 00 - Core folder.