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this mod is a remake of the TR complete dreugh armor, and contains slightly improved versions of the vanilla dreugh pieces.

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this mod is a remake of the TR dreugh armor, I also included a slightly altered version of the helmet improved uvs as well as a new chest piece with a sash with fixed uvs on the belt. (I included a version with just the uvs without the sash if you don't like it)

this mod is a replacer but at some point in the near future it's going to be integrated into TR anyway so it's really here more as a resource than anything.
Use it however you wish.

if you're wondering about the blue arm band in the shots I included it as an optional file, if you want it to be asymmetrical though you'll have to edit it in the CK yourself, I didn't bother because it's going to be implemented in TR Data soon anyway.

If my presentation here feels lazier than usual it's because i don't really like dreugh armor, it looks like crusty dried up bubble
gum, but some one had to do it so here we are.

if i have made some kind of mistake or bug or what have you, please let me know, otherwise enjoy.

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