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Adds some of the most Iconic items from the game Planescape: Torment

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I was quite disappointed when I couldn't find any Planescape mods for Morrowind.
Therefore, I took it upon myself to make that mod. This mod contains the following.
26 equipable items: Found Through-out the main quest line
Brimstone Hammer
Hammer of Comminution (Yes that's actually how its spelled)
Axe of the Jester
Kaarlac's Knife
Dakkon's Zerth Blade
Edge of Oblivion
Celestial Fire (The axe one)
Vrock Club
Black-Barbed Wand (99 charge, 1 charge per use, does both effects)
Amber Ear Rings
Ashes of the Pabulum
Bell's Shield
Dust Man's Ear Rings
Ring of Fallen Stars (Re-Usable and Single Use versions available)
Heart of the Fosterer
Fanged Mirror of Yehcir-eya
Ring Zero
Serpents Ring
Ring of Thex
Aegis of Torment
Deionarra's Wedding Ring
Dakkon's Whispering Flask
Assassin's Knuckles
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Nordom's Ocular

10 On use Items: Found in each of the Propylon Chambers
Abyssal Pipe x7 (Invokes Cloud Kill Spell)
Adder's Tear x5 (Invokes Adder's Kiss Spell)
Blood Fly Charm x5
Charcoal Charm x5
Corpse-Fly Charm x5 (Invokes Swarm Curse Spell)
Heart Charm x5
Charm of Infinite Recall x5
Dirty Rat Charm x5
Shamanic Rod x10 (Invokes Magic Missile Spell)
Thrice-Blind Charm x5

9 Scripted Items: Found Through-out the Main quest line
Grimoire of Pestilential Thought (Grants Power Word: Kill, But you become more evil -25 personality) (Side note: Had to cut out the space between the last two words to fit the whole thing- sorry)
Codex of the Inconceivable (Grants a 1.5x magicka multiplier, But you are mentally scarred -25 Willpower)
Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva (Grants Enoll Eva's Duplication, But you become more logical -25 Luck)
Skin of Regret (Grants Rune of Torment, But you suffer immense trauma -25 Endurance)
Gordian Knot (+10 Personality, -10 Willpower)
Stone Gullet of L'Phahl (+5 resist normal weapon, +15 poison resist)
Dhall's Quill Pen (+10 Enchant)
Xachariah's Heart (+5 Agility, +15 Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Light Armor, and Unarmored)
Tear of Salieru-Dei (+10 Endurance)

1 Joke Item: End of main quest
Fall-From-Grace's Diary (+1 Restoration) (It's Blank because it's a flavor Item)

I tried my hardest to translate the effects of each item as accurate and balanced as possible, to make it as enjoyable as possible. 
And Don't worry, If you don't want to go on a scavenger hunt across Vvardenfell I completely understand. In that regard I have made a "Test Room" out of lowest floor of the Census Office (The Player Creation Area) In Seyda Neen. So that way you can either grab or test the Items before you waste time hunting them down, or double the amount of single use Items you have (Actually I recommend that last one heavily).

I will be making a spell pack for Planescape: Torment next (I Can't wait to start) and I Definitely Want to Make a Modron Maze Mod for Morrowind after that (With the special items that only work in the maze Included!). So look forward to those and more!
And finally; if you have any questions about anything, please post them in the Forum and I'll answer as soon as possible.