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Adds a few new, simple, combat mechanics to improve combat variety: combat scavenging for NPCs, disarming (and being disarmed), as well as bystanders that will sometimes flee or assist in some situations.

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Simple Combat Mechanics
By: OperatorJack

This mod expands the combat experience by introducing some new combat mechanics. All mechanics can be configured in the MCM page. This mod is in BETA, until all potential bugs are resolved. Please look at and configure the MCM to get started.

Combat Scavenging:
Use this option to enable combat scavenging. This will cause NPCs to look for and equip nearby (within reach) items during combat, if they haver ownership access to those items, and if the items are better than their current equipment and skill level. For example, an NPC will not pickup a daedric axe if their axe skill is significantly lower than their skill with their current weapon, but they would pick it up if their axe skill is similar or higher than their skill with their current weapon. This applies to weapons, armor, enchanted clothing, and potions as configured using the other MCM options. By default, most options (except for Weapons) are disabled, as they can be immersion breaking.

Use this option to enable disarmament. This will add a disarming mechanic which allows the PC and NPCs to disarm each other. If using hand to hand, there is a chance to steal the target's weapon. If using a weapon, there is a chance to disarm the target, causing them to drop their weapon to the ground. Chances are based on the attacker and target's skills in their respective weapon.

Interactive Bystanders:
Use this option to enable interactive bystanders. More powerful actors will assist guards. Actors will flee from nearby combatants if they are significantly weaker than any of the combatants.

This mod is fully compatible with Next Generation Combat, and I even encourage them to be used together.

This mod does not use an ESP. This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods is added.