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Pluginless HUD replacer for OpenMW

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I recommend this fantastic UI mod SkyHUD 


PLEASE READ: Weapon durability and spell chance are now blue bars under health and magicka bars. Weapon and spell text are intentionally removed.

Pinning minimap will not work with this,  it's hardcoded to move the effects list to make room for minimap. If anyone knows a workaround I'd be happy to hear it. 

This is a pluginless HUD replacer for OpenMW (0.46+). It will not work with the original engine. While this has some flaws, it was just a quick mashup. OpenMW defines its UI within XML files, so we can modify these XML files to modify the look and feel of the game. Much functionality is hardcoded, but as I have shown with this mod some is not. The hope with this is to encourage people to tinker with the files and make their own personalized HUD, something much better then mine! Yes, you will be limited a lot, but here are some simple ideas for you guys, all of which are completely possible. 

  1. New backgrounds and borders for all standard windows
  2. New hit faders (for example,  only highlighting the compass when you're hit)  
  3. Replace the category tabs in inventory with icons 
  4. Openmw uses the same texture for the "owned cursor", it's as easy as changing the texture path to something else to use a custom texture for that!
   5. Replace map with image and minimap with compass, like this mod

So you get the idea, virtually every base widget can be re-themed/re-skinned. Not many people know you can actually do this, so I hope this mod will help spread the word. I planned on doing all this myself but unfortunately life's hard and I don't have the time right now. 

  1. Locate where you have installed OpenMW 
  2. Backup the resources folder, this will make it very easy to uninstall later
  3. Copy and paste the resources and data folder from my mod archive into where OpenMW is installed, you should be prompted to overwrite and merge the two folders, accept. 

  1. Restore the resources folder where you have OpenMW installed

- As always use for whatever you want (with the exception below), credit is not required, but it is appreciated :) 
- The three energy bars use some of RedFurryDemon's images, profile is here. You cannot redistribute these unless you remove the icons.