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makes your player character talk. needs MWSE.

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PC Voice BETA1.1
A MWSE mod by Stripes

Renamed mod page to add MWSE
I forgot theres an openMW mod that does similar, and has the same name.

Still in the early stages of this mod, but not sure when I'll have time to work on it so I'm uploading as/is for backup purposes and for feedback.
I don't recommend running this permanently at the moment because it will spam your MWSE log :P but otherwise is harmless to install/uninstall at any time.
Fixed error that spammed log

What it exactly does is gives your character hello voice lines when you look at a NPC within activation range using vanilla voice files, similar to how NPC hellos work. I added some additional voice files using edited vanilla files to make them work in context. Mostly stuff like "Welcome" and "Outlander" were cut out.

A personality threshold that makes your greetings friendly when your personality is high enough, and downright rude and insulting if below it. Adjustable during gameplay with a slider in the MCM 

It also makes your character say an attack voice line when you ready a weapon. same thing as my mwscript mod Talk Smack but in Lua.

Hello voice is now disabled on followers and corpses. ( thanks for the feedback i overlooked that )

And last but not least your PC won't talk while sneaking.

MCM options to set race and gender, so if using a custom race you can pick a vanilla one you want to sound like.
Auto detect is a planned feature but not implemented yet

Much work to do, probably a rewrite at some point, my code is... well, don't look at it, just don't lol.