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30+ vanilla friendly quests! Join Vvardenfell's Dark Brotherhood!

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The Dark Brotherhood exists scattered all over Vvardenfell. But you cannot join them and most of them attack you on sight. :(

This mod changes that. It is the attempt to create the Dark Brotherhood as it could have existed in the main game.
Only vanilla Morrowind NPCs are used. Lore-friendly to the Dark Brotherhood's depiction in Morrowind. No references to later games (Oblivion/Skyrim/etc.) other than some generic enchanted items/spells from Oblivion, all of which use vanilla assets.

Though illegal, the Dark Brotherhood is structured like any other Imperial guild. With someone resembling a guildmaster etc.
30+ quests!
Morag Tong members cannot join and vice versa. Compatible with all vanilla factions other than the Morag Tong.

When the blight came, all contact to the mainland was lost. Therefore, Mournhold's Dark Brotherhood doesn't care about Vvardenfell's and vice versa.


How to get started:

Start a new game
- this is important
Get the "Dark Brotherhood" topic
- easy with Tribunal installed, not so easy without
Find a non-hostile member of the Dark Brotherhood
- hint: some are mentioned in the Morag Tong questline
Make them like you and ask about the Dark Brotherhood

--> you are good to go!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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