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This is a basic mod that adds a player home near the temple in Balmora, while also changing some of the nearby landscape to be much more aesthetically interesting.
It should be an easy location to access, with useful containers and carefully positioned furniture. It's good for anyone who wants simplicity and convenience.

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~ Balmora Player Home ~
by jaye

-> Description:
This is a very simple mod that adds a player home in Balmora, while also changing some of the landscape around the home to be much more aesthetically interesting. It should be an easy location to access, and good for anyone who prefers simplicity and convenience in their player homes and storage of gear.
The home is located next to Balmora Temple in the north of the city. Inside the home is a small but fully decorated interior. You have a bed that you can sleep in freely, a 'mega chest' capable of storing huge quantities of any items in perpetuity, and a closet, bookshelf, table, and so on. Outside of the house is a small garden area with a variety of plants growing there.
The rocks and flora in this area have also been added to. The area is no longer quite so barren, and there is a lot more going on. It should be more aesthetically interesting now.
In the base game, there was an odd gap in the city's defenses where the empty hill next to the temple would have allowed for invading armies or bandits to ascend past the walls with ease. The hill is now covered with plants and rocks, while still allowing a small path through them up to the house and temple, which gives the gap in the wall a bit more sense to it.

Alternatively, there is a version of the mod in the Optional Files section called Balmora_Home_ONLY.ESP. Download this instead of Balmora_Home.ESP if you want a version without the large changes to the landscape around Balmora Temple. It adds the house and the garden, but does not change the rocks and flora on the hill nearby. This makes the area less interesting than it could be, but frees up some space in the city that other mods might want to use.

-> Installation:
Simply copy the Balmora_Home.ESP file to the Data Files folder in your Morrowind install directory.
e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Data Files
When you first play the game, remember to click 'Data Files' in the Morrowind launcher and enable it with the checkbox next to Balmora_Home.ESP.

-> Compatibility:
This mod requires the base game and probably the official DLC, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, which come with the Game of the Year edition. No other mods or files are required, and it should be compatible with anything, with the exception of mods that also change the area around the temple in Balmora.

Using Balmora_Home_ONLY.ESP should limit compatibility issues to the specific area of the house and garden.

Thanks ^_^