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Adds five new side quests to complete in the Ahemmusa Camp after completion of Ahemmusa Nerevarine.

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Recovery of the Nomads
a quest mod created for Summer ModJam 2020

It always felt a bit odd to me how you leave the Ahemmusa Camp to fend for themselves despite them pretty much being in the middle of dying off during the game's events, so I have made 5 new quests for the Nerevarine to complete after completion of the main quest "Ahemmusa Nerevarine". These will explore the player helping with their blight situation and choosing a new ashkhan. To begin the quests, speak to Dutadalk and Yenammu.

Quest descriptions without spoilers

Tainted Hunting Grounds- The nearby Sinamusa Egg Mine has been infected with blight, cure or destroy the Kwama Queen to stop the onslaught of blighted monsters upon the camp.

Vengeance on a Nomad's Behalf- Rogue Telvanni have taken a couple of the tribals hostage, head to their tower and teach a lesson in respect.

A Gift for a Future- Escort Yenammu through a perilous grotto in order to ensure trade talks go smoothly.

Desperate Aggression- Purge the Sixth House base Sanit before they can threaten the camp.

A New Ashkhan- The fate of the Ahemmusa will depend upon who takes the mantle of Ashkhan, you must decide.

Only requires the expansions and the completion of the main quest "Ahemmusa Nerevarine".

This mod makes edits to: Sanit Shrine, Sinamusa Egg Mine, Sanni, and Eluba-Addon Grotto for the purpose of the player's enjoyment and ease in completing the quests, compatibility with anything that touches these are not guaranteed.

I will eventually expand upon this mod to include new content as well as a transition of the camp into Ald Daedroth once these quests are completed, along with gameplay changes. This is the base form for the purpose of the modjam.

Have fun :)