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made at the last minute for Summer Modjam 2020

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Part of Summer Modjam 2020

Ashlander Huntress Companion Yara
by stripes

version 0.71

Yara is an outcast Ashlander hunter that will join you on your adventures

- Standard mwscript follower functions such as sharing, warp, water walk, levitate.
- Stats fitting of Hunter class. Favors marksman, short blade, and light armor.
- Yurt near Indoranyon for easy fast travel access.
- Yara's journal placed in her yurt so you can "get to know her".
- Teleports to her yurt if health gets too low to reduce possibility of dying.
- Can craft low tier potions via dialogue if she has the ingredients.
- Crafts chitin star while player rests if she has none.

MWSE enhanced features:*
-she will buff your fatigue regeneration at the start of battle with a spell.
-she harvests ingredients from plants when she gets near them.
*MWSE isn't required but without it you won't get the enhanced features.

I decided to implement Yara's potion crafting in a simple but hopefully believable way.
Instead of the hassle of requiring any random or specific apparatus or break gameplay
balance, I invented old Ashlander field potion recipes.  Secret alchemy techniques
that don't require special alchemy tools but only yield low value potions.
I used only her local ingredients she would have easy access to as an Erabenimsun Ashlander.
As of this release she can make these potions:
Healing - 2 marshmerrow + 2 saltrice
Light - 2 black anther + 2 red lichen
Levitate - 2 trama root + 2 racer plumes

Plans for next update:
-Support for Graphic Herbalism
-Thoughtful gift required to recruit her as a companion
-Custom face and hair ( if it turns out good :P )


-Harvesting disabled during combat
-MCM option to disable plants when she harvests them. Yes its moddy that's why its optional
-Don't worry plants will re-appear on cell change but remain empty

-new MWSE feature Yara now harvests ingredients from plants when she gets near them
 *No Graphic Herbalism support yet but its in the works
-removed bow and arrows and replaced with chitin throwing star.
-when player rests Yara will "craft" a chitin star if she has none
-if Yara has certain ingredients she will "poison craft" her chitin stars while player rests
-Can craft some low tier potions via dialogue if she has the ingredients

-Now has a Yurt near Indoranyon
-Has backstory in a journal in her yurt
-Teleports to her yurt when health falls too low