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Normal Height Maps for Tamriel Rebuilt Terrain. Requires OpenMW.

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Tamriel Rebuilt HeightMaps
By Noiselarp7


- This mod contains height maps for Tamriel Rebuilt Terrain. Threw these together because I found the transition between vanilla terrain with height and completely flat TR textures extremely jarring. Also because I quite like the effect and think it does a lot to help with OpenMW's current lack of grass support.


- This mod of course requires Tamriel Rebuilt and OpenMW.

-  For the effect to be visible ingame, the following settings should be present under the [Shaders] section of your OpenMW settings.cfg file:

auto use terrain normal maps = true

- If this setting is set, the effects should be visible in game once the mod is place into your data files directory.


- Necrom - Arkitektora of Morrowind by Tyddy is the only retexture effecting TR terrain that I'm aware of. These files were tested with this mod and no issues were found.


- I haven't had the time to extensively test all terrains. Let me know if any terrain heights are too intense/subtle and I'll try and fix it.