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A 8 hour long video of nifskope wizardry, and asset files ready to use

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Nifskope Academy Of Applied Particle Science

This is a guide to make particle effects, only needed tool is Nifskope.
The video is 8 hours, building up nicely from the basics, but you don't need to go through it all.
If you're just interested in a section, check video description for time links!

The sections of the video show all the needed properties, settings, tricks.
NIF files in the package will contain all the examples of each important setting,
that is showed in the video, so you can open them and experiment with them.

We will not use Nifskope rendering window to test the effects, instead we'll use an MWSE script to instantly see 
how our effect looks ingame. So the example NIFs in the package will only show properly ingame.

The package contains working example NIFS for all kinds of particles, exactly those that i showed in the video.
I attached some basic textures (only some are mine) in the textures folder, so you can experiment with them as well.

To see the effect properties correctly in nifskope, you'll need a custom 'nif.xml' file which you'll find in the package
Package Password : "i swear i will only make quality stuff""

The School of Magic offers insight to the subjects below:
structure of a particle file in nifskope
making effects easier with livemesh editing script
particle animation flags
gravity modifier
particle bomb
 particle vortex
 particle grow fade
material color controller
particle vertex color
particle vertex color controller
creating mipmap texture
creating dark particles
applying light on particles
texture effect on particles!
planar,spherical collider
emitter movement animation
emitter with path controller
mesh as particle emitter
mesh with geommorph controller as emitter
particle as emitter of a secondary particle
creating all kinds of fog/snow/magic area effects 

basic properties
animated texture
alpha controller
changing UV map
UV controller
UV channels
dark map texture
billboard node
3d effects with planes

Check video description for time links!
Check video description for time links!
Check video description for time links!

Check video description for time links!
Check video description for time links!
Check video description for time links!

Recommended written literature for those who seek further knowledge:
The Forgotten Notes for Modmakers
-by Mr.Urchin(Nifskope extraordinare) and the Symphony team

Some textures that i have not made are possibly from:
The Symphony, Magic Diversity, Fim's BSP, Midas Magic

My vfx works so far : Enchanced Detection, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Light, and stuffs on youtube

discord: Kurp#1439

[b]Wall of Thanks:
Mr. Urchin for always unstoppably helping
Greatness7 for the livemeshediting script and nif.xml