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Every time you start a new game, NPCs will wear different, randomized clothing based on their race, profession, wealth, etc.
Version 3.0 offers an addon for Westly's Fine Clothiers of Tamriel, adding his gorgeous clothes to NPCs all over the game world.

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Due to popular demand, I'm uploading here the mods I used to host at Wolflore.

Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements randomizes what clothes NPCs will wear every time you start a new game and ensure that they will fit the NPC race, profession, faction, etc.; also, Nords will wear Nord clothing from Bloodmoon, Tribunal clothes are added to Morrowind NPCs too, the Temple robe will be worn more often by Temple members, and so on.

Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements 3.0 is the version of my mod that will work with Westly's Fine Clothiers of Tamriel: download this one if you want to see Westly's clothes added to your game.
If you want to just go with vanilla clothes, version 4.0 is the most recent but with no addons for modded clothing, as of yet.