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About this mod

Add a custom spell named Focus that allow the player to recover it's magicka while standing still and meditating. Automatic learning depending on player Willpower.

Permissions and credits
Focus Magicka, a Zefirotte mod for Morrowind version 1.1

"During yoursleep, thanks to the knowledge you collected about you and the world, you had an idea, trying to focus your attention through meditation to channel and harness the magical energies of your surroundings.”

You don’t like as a mage to be forced to sleep most of the time waiting for your magicka to replenish and at the same time you find Magicka regen are too powerful and not to your taste, then this mod is made for you.

It adds a custom Spell named “Focus” that allow your character to meditate to recover his magicka. While meditating your character can’t move, attack, use magic, or use your inventory but you recover 10 magicka points per second as long as you stand still. The moment you move your focus (IE. your mouse) the ability will stop and you can go back to your business. It will also stop if you loose life or once you get to full Magicka. Note that you also loose 10 fatigue points per second at the same time.

You automatically learn the spell by sleeping if you have 50 or more willpower (Note that it might not work every time, sleep again if you didn’t get the message). The Focus Spell is limited at one use per day at the beginning but you get a second one at 75 willpower and a third one at 100 (again during your sleep). It reset at the end of the day.

This Mod is meant to replace Magicka regen mods but it cant also be used in addition with no problem at all. It might not be very efficient if you have very high level of magicka as it just restore 10 points per second but you can tweak it if you find your waiting too much time.

Is this vanilla friendly ? Yes I think so. It just replace waiting while sleeping for your Magicka to replenish with waiting in real time while meditating for your magicka to replenish. The daily use is limited depending on your willpower so you need a mage to make any use of it and furthermore you lose fatigue while meditating to compensate.

I used OpenMW and created the mods using OpenMWCS, there shouldn’t be any problem at all if you use vanilla Morrowind or MWSE (I checked). But there could be. Please tell me if there is any I forget.

How to use the mod ?

First install it like any other mod and activate it.
There are 4 versions of the mod, use only one:
- 2 .omwaddon files to use if you're playing on OpenMW
- 2 .esp if you're playing with Vanilla Morrowind (with or without MWSE etc.)
- In each case, both a normal file and an alternate one (see below).
The .omwaddon and the .esp are a bit different and work differently but the effect should be very much alike.

Take a sleep once you have the required 50 Willpower, you will get a message and learn the Focus Spell.

If you find that three use per day is too much, too few, you just don’t want to wait to learn the spell, or want to roleplay the progression in a different way, there is a way. First use the alternate .esp instead of the normal one. To learn the spell open the console and type: Player->addspell ZEF_FocusSpell . Then the number of daily use is controlled by the variable ZEF_FocusLevel. So if you want to use the spell up to five time per day open the console and type: set ZEF_FocusLevel to 5 .

I also made a little tutorial, How to customize using CS this is another way to modify the mod. Look in the optional files

If you have an Atronach character, since 1.1 you can't use this mod by default. If you want anyway, use the console and type set ZEF_FocusAtronachBirthSign to 1 then type startscript ZEF_FocusScript . If there is a problem and you learned the spell anyway type removespell ZEF_FocusSpell then set ZEF_FocusLevel to 0 then save and reload.

If you have a problem and the spell doesn't do anything, or you didn't learn the spell, try typing startscript ZEF_FocusScript in the console or download a more recent file, maybe you're not using the most recent version of the mod (1.022), and the script hasn't started by itself (it's a bug I corrected in 1.021).

You need Tribunal and either OpenMW or Morrowind Code Patch.
If you want to use the OpenMW version without tribunal, you can ask me.

Alternate Version ?
The alternate version remove all the part of the script responsible for the learning of the spell and the upgrade of the max daily use. It replaces the normal file. Useful if you want to reduce or increase the limit of the daily use or change the levels at which it progresses.  You must use the following commands for the mod to work:
•    player→addspell ZEF_FocusSpell to learn the spell;
•    set ZEF_FocusLevel to x to set the number of max daily use with x being the number of your choice, it can be changed whenever you want.

Are there any Incompatibilities ?
There shouldn’t be, but who knows ?
- In the OpenMW version, there could be bug with mods modifying the script "playscript" linked with the Tribunal quest "A Star is Born". (I had to patch it because it didn't behaved correctly with my mod).
- There could be bugs with mods (or quest) also using the commands disablePlayerControls and enablePlayerControls (the one I use to restrict the player actions while in Focus).

Change log ?
v1.1Patched the script "playscript" of the tribunal quest "A Star is Born" to make it compatible with my mod. This causes tribunal to be a requirement. (OpenMW version)
v1.1Changed default comportment with Atronach Birthsign characters. Now by default the mod doesn't work with them. (It's configurable)
v1.1Mod partially rewritten to be fully compatible with Vanilla Morrowind. There is now two versions of the mod, one for OpenMW, and one for Vanilla Morrowind ( and an alternate version for both).
v1.022Merged both esp in the same zip file
v1.022Changed the name of the esp to ZEF_FocusMagicka instead of ZEF_MagickaFocus
v1.021Corrected a typo in the startscript
v1.02The Spell will automatically be cancelled once you get to your maximum magicka
v1.01The Spell will automatically be cancelled if your health points go down.

What to help me ?

• Spread the word, tell the tale, endorse the mods if you like it.
• This is my first mod so tell me what you think of it, feedbacks are much appreciated in order to help balance the mod to your liking. Do you think you have to wait too long, that 3 use per day is too much or too few, or anything else, please tell me.
• English is not my native language so tell me if there any oddities in my text especially in the message boxes that appears in the mod to relate your progression. I would gladly accept other ideas for the message box that appears in game when you try to use the spell too much so I can add more variety.
• You can also check my new mod: Active Wait which gives you a new and more immersive way to pass the time

If you’re a modder and can think of some way to improve the code or its efficiency, please tell me.