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A Lua script designed to randomly distribute the new heads in More Heads and Diversity Expansion to the general population, without making any edits to NPCs.

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The mod More Heads and Diversity Expansion does a wonderful job of adding heads to the game. However, it runs into the inevitable problem of compatibility—in order to give people different heads, you have to edit them, as many other mods do. This simple script uses Lua to relieve that issue. Each  NPC is assigned a random head out of all the heads of their race, old and new. The randomness not only ensures a good mix of heads, but makes playthroughs more interesting and unique. To keep the game from changing drastically, however, not quite everyone is affected by this. The following NPCs cannot have their heads changed:
-All “Essential” NPCs, and all vampires and werewolves
-M'aiq thr Liar
-Socucius Ergalla (b/c he's somehow not Essential)
*NEW*: There is an MCM Blacklist. Put whoever you want in there, these five start in. *NEWER* You can now blacklist plugins as a whole.
Finally, MHaDE includes some new hairstyles, which this mod does not distribute (the player can still use them though).

-A user reports that installing this mid-game changes the player's head. Said user fixed it by unequipping and re-equipping their helmet.
-Opening/using the blacklist can cause slowdowns. I have determined that this is due to it letting you pick NPCs specifically (maybe because of how many one can have with mods?), and so I cannot fix it.

You need the original MoreHeads.esp from MHaDE (with that specific name, in fact, so change it back to that if needed). If you are using MoreHeadsDiversity.esp, please disable or delete it, since this mod replaces its functionality. This mod comes with none of the heads or ESPs; to get them, go to the linked mod. Install the folder OEA2 Heads from this zip as the folder packaging suggests (or use a mod manager). *NEW* An optional file allows for replacing of problematic heads (such as the dremora ones) with some (essentially randomly-selected, since I just pulled stuff out of the bsa) ones from Tamriel Rebuilt. Follow the instructions in its description to use, and note that it does NOT require TR or anything, the files come inside.

I have come to the realization that this can be safely removed, no problem. All it does is replace an npc's head with one managed by the mod at runtime, so they should just get whatever they had before with this gone.

This does basically nothing without another’s mod, so please ask ChemicalTaint if you want to use the assets linked (whom I would like to make clear I asked before making this mod). I guess do what little you can with the actual lua code though.

-Thanks to ChemicalTaint for making MHaDE
-Thanks to NullCascade for MWSE-Lua
-Thanks to the MMC Discord for general help
-Thanks to Merlord for the face-covering code, which allows guards with full helmets to not be messed up