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Adds in a wizards staff to high ranking members of the mages guild.

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"In order to advance to the rank of %NextPCRank, you must have a Wizard's Staff."

To become a wizard in the mages guild you need to get your hands on a wizards staff, despite that many people of rank wizard or higher do not own a wizards staff, this mod simply adds the staff to their inventory. Modified NPCs:
-Ranis Athrys
-Folms Mirel
-Malven Romori

Trebonius does not have a wizards staff as he already owns his own unique staff.  
The two dead heroes in Kogoruhn and Endusal also do not get staffs, since they are dead.

Even if you have a mod like weapon sheathing you may not see them carrying the staff, if they do not equip it, but the staff will be there, you can check that by killing them or by using a mod that allows you to use companion share on all NPCs.

The plugin has been cleaned with tes3cmd and is compatible with everything that does not alter the above mentioned NPCs inventories, to ensure compatability I suggest you merge using your prefered leveled list merger (for example tes3cmd) or load this after any mod that modifies the NPCs inventories