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Warns you when you enter and leave the unreleased Preview lands of Tamriel Rebuilt.

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This is a simple mod for Tamriel Rebuilt's TR_Preview that displays a brief warning whenever you cross the border between released and unreleased content.

If you've ever explored the edges of the released mainland content, you may have ventured a little too far into an area with no NPCs or no interiors. The warning you get with this script running will keep you informed so that you can choose to turn back. It also works all along the western Inner Sea and between Solstheim and Velothis.

Immersive Messages

There is an alternate version made by request with more immersive messages.

Entering: "These strange new lands you enter have a desolate look to them. You get the feeling that your adventures do not take you this way right now."
Leaving: "As you leave the empty lands behind you, you feel a renewed sense of purpose."


Load order doesn't matter, since the mod doesn't technically require anything except Morrowind.esm. However, the script is written for the Preview borders as of the 21.01 release. I will try to keep updating it soon after landmass releases, unless this or something similar is incorporated into the official TR_Preview.