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Yet another combat mod. This mod uses Lua to create additional keybindings to add new effects--active blocking, shield bashing, Rage, and countering.

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Morrowind has seem many combat mods over the years. Whether they eschew dice-rolls or embrace them, none of those mods address the fundamental issue that Morrowind combat is just clicking left-mouse. This mod tries to add in some button variety with the following new effects:
-Active Blocking. Although I use the tried-and-true "drain block spell" method, Lua allows the block key to be up to the player. Blocking is a toggle, press on press off (note: Bashing uses the same key, it should work so that doesn't toggle). You can move around, but slower, and cant cast spells or attack.
NOTE: the spell which drains block is supposed to only apply during combat, but I've found it to be quite finnicky. To get around this, pressing the block key outside of combat removes the spell manually.
-Shield Bashing: If you successfully block, you have a small window to press the key again and knock your opponent down. Adds some drama to blocking.
-Rage: borrowed from Aerelorn's Combat Enhanced, after enough consecutive attacks you can press a button to gain a temporary boost to speed, strength, health, and attack. To keep things interesting, you only get Rage by mixing up your attack types (slash, chop, thrust). Press the Rage Key (default O) to see how much you have, or activate if you have enough.
-Counter: Unarmed combat is even more boring. To alleviate this a little, when you attack with your fists you now have a 5 second window, during which you can press a button, and for a half-second will dodge the next attack and deal fatigue and health damage back. If you "miss" the counter, you get a temporary speed penalty. In order to make this an unarmed exclusive, you also have to have at least 31 hand-to-hand (a number chosen because of 30 for the major skill, 1 because you trained it up).

-The rage spell is force-casted on you by Lord Cluttermonkey (from the inaccessible test cell "Clutter Warehouse--Everything Must Go!"). If you kill him, there's a really good chance rage will stop working (thankfully he's really hard to kill).

This contains exclusively lua code. Install normally.

-Thanks to NullCascade and the other makers of MWSE-Lua
-Thanks to Merlord, from whose mod Kill Command I got my MCM formatting
-Thanks to JaceyS, whose mod Timely Escape helped me get the forced animations right
-Thanks to the Morrowind Modding Community Discord, for helping me teach myself Lua with zero coding experience

I may add on to this with more buttons, and will entertain suggestions in the comment section. I also, of course, plan on addressing bugs as they come up.