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The first part of a large overhaul mod that allows you to play as a native of Morrowind. You will no longer be referred to as or treated as an Outlander.

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Morrowind Native Overhaul

Explore Vvardenfell in a way you've never done before. No longer will you be treated as an Outlander but rather a fellow citizen. No longer will you be treated with disdain. You will finally be able to role play as the Morrowind native you've always wanted without any immersion breaking dialogue or voiced greetings.

Current Features

  • You will not be referred to as an Outlander in any written or spoken dialogue.

Upcoming Features

  • Revamped Great House Storylines with alternate options.
- Become the Mouth of Neloth.
- Have Miner Arobar sponsor you.
- Have Nevena Ules sponsor you.
  • Main Quest to fit a Native Character.
  • Alternative Chargen.


  • The main quest will still refer to you as an Outlander. This will be changed once the Main Quest overhaul is completed.
  • The features will release in the order they are listed.

-Part of the May Modathon Month-