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This is a simple collection of renamed sounds for male wood elf characters. I was playing through as a male wood elf and some of the hit sounds were just so weird that it bothered me. There are two different sets:
1. Replaces the 15 hit noises with 3 files of Mogrul (Skryim)
2. Replaces the noises with the Roblox Oof.

Permissions and credits
Since this is a simple sound replacer, this is a simple probably manual installation. Steps are as follows:
  1. (optional) Make a backup of the original hit sounds, or use the backup that I have created.
  2. Unzip the desired sound files and then copy the directory labelled Vo to ..\Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\. (So then the new files should be located all in 
  3. ..\Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Vo\w\m.)
  4. Confirm that you would like to replace the files, then you're good

I most likely will invest more time into making hit sound replacers, especially if there are a decent amount of folks out there who would find them useful or more enjoyable. I am open to suggestions and making updates; it's not difficult, just a bit of searching and busywork.
For the mean time I will leave you with this information:

The naming scheme for the hit sound audio files are consistent. Each race and gender have 15 audio files for hit sounds. You will need to change the name of the directories inside Vo based on the specific race and gender.
The naming scheme follows as such: Hit_[Specific Race ID Letter][Gender]nnn  (where nnn is the given sound ID from 001-015).
The race ID letters (bolded and underlined) are as follows:
  • Argonian
  • Breton
  • Dunmer/dark elf
  • High elf
  • Imperial
  • Khajiit
  • Nord
  • Redguard
  • Vampire (I think?)
  • Wood elf

Along with the naming schemes, these are also the single letter names of the sound directories for each race.
Just as a quick example, say you're playing as a lady Breton and you'd like to give her a new hit sound in battle, then you could change all of the file names in the Roblox Oof set to be Hit_BF0nnn and these files should end up in ..\Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Vo\b\f.

Through all of my digging it appears that there aren't any unique files or directories set aside for your lovely own Nerevarine, so if I'm not mistaken, if you replace these sounds they will be assigned to NPCs of the appropriate race and gender so it is most likely you will come to hear these sounds in battles.