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Companion with special abilities. Choose a suitable companion based on your roleplay.

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Some companions to play with. Each companion has strengths and weaknesses. Only 1 companion can be hired at a time.

Companion 1 : Strolling in Caldera. High hit points, gets stronger the lower the health.
Companion 2 : Praying in Ebonheart Chapel. Can heal player during battle, cure diseases, restores attributes anytime.
Companion 3 : Wandering in Molag Mar Waisworks. Uses ranged weapons, high damage output. High AS.
Companion 4 : Hanging out in Vos, Varo Tradehouse. Strong vs undead and daedra. Can dispel summons.

Companion can..
  • Share equipment.
  • Be revived by putting a revival heart into the corpse of the companion. Revival heart can be obtained from the trader in Tel Branora(Fadase Selvayn). Remove important items from the corpse first before reviving.
  • Level with player starting level 10. 5 points distributed randomly to their attributes every level up.
  • Warp with player when too far. Including Divine and Almsivi Intervention and Recall.
  • Be hired/dismissed anytime for now.

More information can be found by clicking on the command topic.
No readme for now.

Future: Add background stories, vanilla voice reactions, maybe quests, and more companions.