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Adds ladder and trapdoors connecting the waistworks and plazas of each canton so the player does not have to exit and re-enter the canton.

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Vivec Cantons Reconnected
A Morrowind Mod
by Dagoth Slayer

I found Vivec to be the biggest hassle walking around and this is my attempt to make it a bit more convenient.
Vivec now has new connection points between the plazas and waistworks of each canton except for the Arena, Palace of Vivec, and Temple cantons. Now you will no longer have to leave the plaza or waistworks only to reenter the canton.  I placed each point where it made sense considering the layout of each canton while trying to be as realistic and convenient as possible.

This adds doors to the following cells: Telvanni, Redoran, Hlaalu, Foreign Quarter, St. Olms, and St. Delyn plazas and waistworks.
It will not be compatible with mods that make the plazas open cantons. Should be compatible with most other mods but if not let me know.

Cleaned with TES CS and Tes3Cmd.