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Adds new lore-friendly dialogue to Silt Strider caravaners

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  • Polish

What is this?

For such iconic creatures, silt striders have very little relevant dialogue. Local Lore: Silt Striders and Caravaners adds approximately 2000 words of unique lore-friendly dialogue to the caravaners across Vvardenfel regarding their trade and gives a unique name to each strider.

  • Approx. 2000 words of lore-friendly and immersive dialogue
  • Adds a unique name to each silt strider with appropriate backstories
  • Adds greetings dependent on weather for both rain and ash storms
  • Appropriate responses for high and low disposition characters - Caravaners may tell you more if they like you.
  • Compatible with R-Zero's excellent Silt Strider Animation Restored

Local Lore: SS&C is a no-frills dialogue expansion mod. Responses are designed to add more detail to the world without looking out of place alongside Vanilla dialogue text. Feedback welcome!

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