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If the player has severe wounds (more than half of their total health missing) this mod adds a chance that the player will develop an infection (a common disease). The less fatigue the player has, the weaker their immune system is in trying to prevent infections, and the deeper the wound the more likely it is that an infection might set in.

Permissions and credits

Infected Wounds

by RamblingMonk

ver. 0-9 -May 12, 2020(Original release -Does not include vampire or werewolf diseases as possible infections in mod)
ver. 1-0-May 13, 2020(Full Version, original release -includes chance of werewolf or vampire infections at extremely low health)

-First off, Thank you for trying my mod. I hope that you enjoy it. Please feel free to provide feedback on this mod page on Nexus. I have only created a few mods so far and knowing how they are received/what people enjoy helps me decide how to improve this and any future mods I create. Thanks and Happy Morrowinding!

Basic concept:
I wanted to create a mod that can add some more realism and/or challenge to a play through by adding the possibility that if severe wounds are allowed to fester too long they can become infected making the character sick.

What this mod does:
If the player has severe wounds (more than half of their total health missing) this mod adds a chance that the player will develop an infection (a common disease). The less fatigue the player has, the weaker their immune system is in trying to prevent infections. Likewise, the more serious the wounds (the lower the HP), the more likely it is for those wounds to become infected.

from a technical standpoint, this mod adds a script that rolls to see if a character that is wounded becomes infected with a (common) disease. The player should not have to worry about their wounds being serious enough to get infected at high enough health (50% or higher as of this mod's official release).
As the player's current health drops, the odds that they contract a disease increases. (at release between 25% and 50% health gives a 5% chance of disease every time the mod rolls, at between 10% and 25% health the chance goes up to 10%, at between 5% and 10% health the chance goes up to 25% and at under 5% health the chance of getting an infection becomes 33% each time the mod rolls (at the sub-5% health level the full version (ver1-0) also starts including a chance of contracting vampire or werewolf illnesses in addition to the other common diseases you can contract). 

In addition, the lower the player's fatigue becomes, the more often this script rolls to check if they become infected to simulate a stressed immune system unable to respond as effectively as a well rested one. This means the less fatigue you have, the more often the script rolls to see if you contract a disease.

This mod is also intended to take some disease resistance and weakness into account when it rolls meaning those with resistant will be slightly less prone to infection and those with weakness to common diseases being a bit more prone to them. (Note that while this mod takes those variables into account, the mod does not intend to allow any total immunity to wounds becoming infected (the logic being no matter how hardy a given hero is, if their intestines are dragging through the mud there's a decent chance even they may get an infection).


1) Unzip folder and install the .esp file into the Morrowind > Data Files folder. 
2) Check the appropriately named box for this plugin in the "Data Files" menu of the Morrowind Launcher to activate the mod. Start Morrowind, play and enjoy.

Please note that there are separate versions of this mod: 

Version 0-9 is the basic one that does NOT include any possibility of contracting the common diseases that cause Vampirism and Lyncanthropy for those that prefer to maintain the vanilla game's original coding that only allows those diseases to be caught from direct contact with one already infected with them.

Version 1-0 is the full release version of this mod that DOES include (a small) chance of vampirism and lycanthropy when the player's wounds are exceptionally dire (only the most serious of wounds can possibly lead to these diseases with this mod). Note that this should respect the vanilla game's treatment of vampires and werewolves so if you could not become one in the unmodded game, you shouldn't be able to with this mod running either (that also means you should not be able to contract both at the same time unless another mod allows it).

-Please select only one of the "Infected Wounds" mod's .esp files at a time as they may conflict with eachother if both active at the same time.

Morrowind base game
+Bloodmoon expansion
+Tribunal expansion
No additional plugins should be required beyond the base game and its expansions if you want to use this mod.



-No known issues at the time of writing this. Since this mod only adds a single script to the gameplay experience, it shouldn't be much (if any) risk of conflicting with anything.
-As far as I am aware this mod should not cause issues if installed mid-playthrough (But *ALWAYS* backup your saves first. I built it and installed it mid-playthrough myself and have not seen any adverse effects. While I do not anticipate this mod causing any issues, I claim no responsibility for any broken save files this mod may cause).
-This mod was cleaned using Morrowind Enchanted Editor v0.91.

To un-install:
Simply uncheck the box for this plugin in the Morrowind Launcher to play without this mod enabled or, to remove the mod completely, simply remove the .esp for this mod (and only that .esp) from your morrowind -> data files folder.

You are allowed to use/edit this mod for your own personal mods. You are welcome to use this mod as a basis for your own mod to be uploaded to a host site and shared so long as you credit me for my contribution with this mod.
Please DO NOT upload this mod (or a modified version of my mod) for profit unless and until asking for, and gaining my explicit permission first.

-Bethesda for creating Morrowind, and the Construction set to make this possible. 
-The creators of Morrowind Enchated Editor for their creation that made cleaning this mod possible. 
-All those behind the MWGE EX project. MWGE EX was the very first mod I tried after originally wanting to play through all of Morrowind unmodded and it opened my eyes to the added immersion a few basic changes can add to the game. Without this mod wowing me with how vastly it improved my gameplay experience I likely would have just left mods and modding alone.
-Those behind the Morrowind May Modathon Month 2020 event that got my creative juices flowing while deciding what my next mod project should be. -This mod was released to be part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2020.
-Special mention to qqqbbb's for their "Take Notes" mod ( that I am using in the Morrowind playthrough that I took one of the screenshots using.