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Timely Escape
Version 1.1.1
By JaceyS


- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
- MGE XE 0.10.1
- MWSE 2.1+

This mod requires a very recent nightly build of MWSE. Please be sure to run the mwse-update.exe before playing this mod.


When you die in Morrowind, you are given two choices: reload or quit. Unless you are particularly hardcore, you will probably choose the former. Unfortunately, this means that death has minimal consequences -- only setting you back to the last time you saved. Since there is no limitation on when or how often you can save, many players wear out their F5 key by quicksaving before every fight. There is no reason to run from a fight that is too tough, or to use a spell to make a quick escape. Maybe you have found this unsatisfying, and given yourself rules for when you can save, and whether you can jump back into an encounter over and over, but wouldn't it be better if the game just gave you actual consequences for dying?

This mod detects when your character is about to die, and then whisks them out of harm's way at the last moment. You are not dead, but your stats have been permanently reduced. You can configure the amount your character's stats are reduced by (including 0), which stats (attributes of skills) are penalized, as well as whether the mod uses Divine Intervention, Almsivi Intervention, or a teleport to the Shrine of Azura.


This mod uses the MCM functionality of MWSE to present several configuration options.

Azura: If enabled, you will teleport to the Shrine of Azura cell when the mod detects that you would die. Overrides the Almsivi setting.
Almsivi: If enabled (and Azura is not enabled), the mod will cast Almsivi Intervention on you. Otherwise, it defaults to Divine Intervention.
MessageBox: Enable to display a message box after the teleport, with some flavor text and the notification that your stats have been decreased.
Voice: Enable to play a short, lore-friendly voice message after the teleport.

New in v1.1
Confirm: enable to get a confirmation box before the intervention. (Inspired by Danae's desire for the ability to put her character's fate up to the vote of the stream.)
Death Animation: Enable to mimic what the game does when your character dies, before intervening.
Luck - Binary and Luck - Percentage : Whether you are saved is based on your luck stat, either failing only at 0, or suceeding a percentage of the time equal to your luck/100. (Suggested by Lucevar)
Endurance - Binary and Endurance - Percentage : Whether you are saved is based on your endurancestat, either failing only at 0, or suceeding a percentage of the time equal to your endurance/100.
Natural: Instead of a supernatural rescue, simulates being left for dead, then found. Replace some of the messageboxes, configurable amount of time before you "wake up".
Recovery Time: Number of days between knockout and wake up, with the natural setting.
Skill: Penalizes skills, instead of attributes.
Random Pick: Instead of decreasing all stats, pick a configurable number to decrease.
Prevent Double Pick: If using the Random Pick option, this option prevents the same stat from being chosen multiple times.
Number To Pick : If using Random Pick, the number of stats to choose to be decreased.
Attribute Penalty changed to Stat Penalty, to reflect that penalties may now be applied to skills.

Also present in the config file, but not modifiable in game, is a list of spell effects that cause damage to the player. If you have a mod that adds additional damaging spell effects, please modify the config file to add them. There is another list of death animations to play that are randomly chosen. If you have a mod that adds new death animations, then put them in this list.

You may use the scripting and writing in this mod for any purpose you wish, just give me credit. You have my permission to re-upload this mod in the event that I do not respond to contact on Discord at JaceyS#5136 for a period of 1 week or more. You can send me direct messages if you become a member of the Morrowind Modding Community server.

The sound asset in this mod is modified from Morrowind assets, and as such should not be used in a context outside of Morrowind modding.

Other mods that trigger off of killing blows to the player might cause problems, depending on what they do.
If you have a mod that signicantly alters the Shrine of Azura cell, that configuration option may not be usable.
Mods that add new spell effects that cause damage to the player may not work unless added to the list in the config file.
I have made pains to ensure that mods which trigger off of Almsivi Intervention or Divine Intervention are compatible with this mod, specifically "Naked and Alone", by Petethegoat and Lucevar. It is also compatibile with Merlord's Limited Intervention, in the sense that that mod will not stop you from being rescued -- even if you don't meet the requirements for intervention set by that mod. Other mods that block intervention effects may not be compatible.
As of 1.1.1, it is now compatible with Next Generation Combat, and should be compatible with most mods that change the damage dynamically.
If a mod disables teleportation using the vanilla flag, then you will not be saved. This is a feature, not a bug.
If a mod kills you with a script, then you may not be saved. This is a feature, not a bug.
If you discover mod incompatibilities, please report them to me on Nexus or at JaceyS#5136 on Discord.

The natural option isn't correctly quashing the spell sound.
Sometimes the fade-out bugs, and you see things you aren't supposed to.
Sometimes the camera change bugs, and you end up with a different camera perspective than before.

The MCM is an absolute mess, full of randomly organized settings that interact in unintuitive ways. Fixing that will be a priority for future version.

If you discover bugs, please report them on Nexus or at JaceyS#5136 on Discord.

===Installation & Removal===
Unpack the archive file such that the top level contents are in your Morrowind\Data Files folder. There is no esp file to activate.

Refer to the files included in the archive file to find what to delete. Also delete Morrowind\Data Files\MWSE\config\TimelyEscape.json.

===Recommended Mods===
This mod is designed to work well with "Naked and Alone", by Petethegoat and Lucevar, which has your character drop all of their items when they cast one of the Intervention spells. Note that, even if you install "Naked and Alone", you will not drop your items if you have the "Azura" setting enabled.

The fear of loss still have you spamming the F5 key? Break the habit by limiting when you can save with Restrictive Saving, by Anumaril21. Thanks to SpaceDevo for bringing this mod to my attention.

NullCascade, Greatness7, Merzasphor, and Merlord, each of whom individually helped me with one or more problems during the development of this mod, in addition to their contributions to the development of MWSE itself.

eddie5, RedFurryDemon, Sataniel, abot, Axemagister, and anyone I might have missed for giving me help and advice on the Morrowind Modding Community Discord server.

OperatorJack, who gave me the most help of anyone, including the idea to use potions to apply the spell effects.

PetetheGoat and Lucevar, whose "Naked and Alone" inspired me to make this mod. After all, if casting Intervention dropped my inventory, why would I use it if the alternative weren't worse?

Xiran, whose "Death and Resurrection" informed the design of this mod.

Lucevar, Danae, Imoskvin, and WhiskeySykes, whose feature suggestions have improved this mod.

aelfkin for reporting the incompatibility with Next Generation Combat.

DagothUrSlayer, for reporting a strange mod interaction bug that I haven't been able to track down.

And finally, the entirety of the Morrowind modding community, for keeping the fire of Red Mountain burning after all these years.