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Normal maps for Morrowind Styled, for use with OpenMW.

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Normal maps to go with Morrowind Styled:
You can technically use these without installing Morrowind Styled, but I can't imagine why you'd ever want to do that; it would look awful.

The normal maps will give the appearance of impasto -- thick, layered paint, as opposed to the smooth watercolor effect you'd normally get. It's up to you whether this is an improvement or not (see screenshots and/or just try it out). I think it's nifty, if nothing else.

Brief instructions for how I generated the normal maps are in the articles tab, so you can make your own patches, add-ons, and

To enable normal maps in OpenMW see:

Note: Bodies  & faces are not included, because they look really bad. Like, seriously, I'm going to have nightmares about some of the faces.

Assets used to generate normal maps:
Morrowind Styled -

Tools used:
GIMP DDS plugin -
GIMP Normal Map plugin -
ImageMagick -