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Integrate some of Tamriel Rebuilt's hair & heads with Vvardenfell's essential NPCs.

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What Have You Done?!
All I've done is replace hair & heads, a few articles of clothes, and a little bit of armor among Vvardenfell's essential, main quest NPCs. I am not affiliated with TR, and I have no idea how all their assets will be used. Therefor, I tried to use their newest Dunmeri hairs and heads very sparingly. (I take it the green jewels are deshaan salt? I have no idea.) So I think the integration is true to their own vision. I don't know, we'll see.

You need PT_Data and TR_Data to play. I won't repackage their stuff, that would be like cheating. Install TR by following these steps.

However, if you like to keep your playthrough vanilla, then I don't think you need to install TR's Mainland esm. Only their bsa's need registering, but I could be wrong. I usually don't play Morrowind with TR, but I do like to use their heads, hairs, armors, and creatures on Vvardenfell. If you also hate Bloodmoon and Tribunal, go look at Anonytroll's Solstheim Eraser and gh0stwizard's Dark Brotherhood Never Attack.

Its an esp. You drop it in Morrowind/Data Files, and push it to the bottom of your load order. Activate the file from your launcher of choice. If you play with Armors of Tamriel, this mod's esp goes before that one's. Again, Tamriel Rebuilt's files are absolutely required.

Delete the esp, and refresh every cell with an essential NPC? I think that's it.

I should be able to keep this updated with Tamriel Rebuilt's incremental progress. If you wish to see more bizarre things from the mainland, just let me know in the comments. This only took me a couple hours. I have no problem integrating unofficial essential NPCs into the mod, and I plan to add some creatures anyway. (I won't smuggle velk or hoom, muthsera.)

Version two is out. Its the same mod as V1, but TR's creatures have been introduced to their proper level lists. I've made two files, V1 and V2, because I imagine V2 will be incompatible with many rebalance mods. I have not touched 6th House creature lists, so mort's Beware the 6th House ought to work.

Tamriel Rebuilt - their stuff
Tiber Septim - his empire