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A collection of tools and fixes for Construction Set markers, designed to improve your modmaking experience.

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This here is a collection of tools and fixes for Construction Set markers, designed to improve your modmaking experience. Install it and have a nice Modathon!

1. Door marker and Travel marker replacer
In vanilla, it can be a bit difficult to properly gauge the position Player would end up in after using travel service or a load door, due to Door and Travel markers having dimensions and shape quite different than that of a character. Thus, I decided to make a replacer of those two, taking Skyrim markers as an inspiration. These two markers now more accurately correspond to Player's position.

2. Leveled Creature marker direction fix
Vanilla Leveled Creature Marker (commonly known as ninja monkey) was made in such a way that the actual creature created by resolving a leveled creature list would look in the exact opposite direction than the marker itself! With this fix, Leveled Creatures and their Marker would face in same direction now.

3. R-Zero's Construction Tools
This is a small compilation of various custom CS markers I created to make my CS experience a bit easier.
 - Character Marker
This marker represents a regular humanoid and its collision box, designed to help you make rooms and passages of correct size that would not cause Player to get stuck on various clutter, as well as the maximum range at which Player and NPCs can activate objects. Consult the image in the gallery for more information.
 - Ruler Marker
This one is essentially just a ruler you can use to measure distances inside CS. Has both Metric and Imperial grading.
 - Information Marker
A small box-like information marker designed to be set up as a Book object, to let level designers and modders in general leave important information and notes inside CS. Should be most useful for large projects where WIP .esps change hands multiple times.

Special thanks to:
MMC gang for general support and encouragement
LondonRook for his work being an inspiration for this mod
DarkElfGuy for his endless toil to further the cause of Morrowind modding community