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Picking a glowing plant using Graphic Herbalism will also remove the glow-light. Designed for use with the MWSE version of Graphic Herbalism.

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When a glowing plant is harvested the associated glow-light will be removed. Kwama eggsacs as well as ebony, glass, and adamantium ore are also implemented with associated glow-lights.

The software adds glow lights for plants and eggsacs, as required. The position and intensity of the glow lights are optimised for each scene depending on the number and position of plants that are still glowing (i.e. not yet harvested). The lights for glowing ore in Vanilla Morrowind have been optimised by hand with additional lights added where necessary. The software optimisation and hand placement of lights is used to illuminate multiple objects with a single light, and so avoid the 8 light limitation in MGE.

Work has begun on implementing bloat spores and Tamriel Data assets. Minor improvements for Graphic Herbalism not associated with glow-lights may be included in future versions.

This mod will work without Graphic Herbalism though it is not 100% reliable and the occasional glow will be left behind after a plant has been harvested. This mod requires lua and is not compatible with OpenMW at the current time (April 2020).