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Another birthsign mod, focused on balance and lore-friendliness.

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This is a another simple birthsign overhaul mod. This mod gives each birthsign a redesigned passive ability and once-a-day power. Each birthsign's ability is based on its description from lore sources, such as The Firmament, and is balanced in-game loosely according to spell effect costs. In other words, if every birthsign was an enchantment or spell, with any negative effects subtracted from the cost, they would all cost about the same amount, with some adjustments for other balance factors. This mod requires the Tribunal Expansion. 

List of Birthsigns and Effects:

The Warrior - Those born under the sign of the Warrior are skilled with weapons of all kinds, but prone to short tempers.
Warwyrd - Fortify Attack 15pts
War Cry - Rally 20pts on Target in 60ft, Fortify Strength 10pts, Restore Fatigue 4pts, all for 60s

The Mage - Those born under the Mage have more magicka and talent for all kinds of spellcasting, but are often arrogant and absent-minded.
Fay - Fortify Maximum Magicka 5pts (50%) 
Magic Well - Restore Magicka 10 for 20s

The Thief - Those born under the sign of the Thief are not typically thieves, though they take risks more often and only rarely come to harm.  
Danger-sense - Sanctuary 20pts
Stroke of Luck - Fortify Luck 40pts for 20s

The Serpent - Those born under this sign are the most blessed and the most cursed. 
Star-Blessed, Star-Cursed - Fortify Luck 0-10pts
Serpent's Bite - Poison 30pts on Touch for 5s, Damage Health 1pt on Self for 30s

Those born under the Serpent are also born with another feature besides their randomly-strong luck boost; every day, they will receive both a random blessing and a random curse.

Blessings can include: Fortify an attribute, Spell Absorption, Chameleon, Feather, Detect Animal & Key & Enchantment, Light, Reflect, Restore Magicka, Restore Fatigue, or Resistance to an Element, Magicka, or Normal Weapons.
Curses can include: Burden, Drain Magicka, Drain Fatigue, Drain an Attribute, Sound, or Weakness to an Element, Magicka, or Normal Weapons. 

Additional Note: This feature will not activate by default if you are using an alternate start mod. To activate this feature manually, use the command "player->StartScript BR_Serpent_Effects" after selecting the Serpent sign. 

The Lady Those born under the sign of the Lady are kind and tolerant.
Lady's Favor - Fortify Personality 10pts, Fortify Endurance 10pts
Lady's Grace - Restore Health 10pts, Restore Fatigue 10pts, all for 10s

The Steed - Those born under the sign of the Steed are impatient and always hurrying from one place to another.
Charioteer - Fortify Speed 20pts
Charge - Fortify Athletics 20pts, Fortify Acrobatics 20pts, all for 30s

The Lord - Those born under the sign of the Lord are stronger and healthier than those born under other signs.
Trollkin - Fortify Endurance 20pts, Restore Fatigue 2pts, Weakness to Fire 100pts
Blood of the North - Restore Health 10pts for 20s

The Apprentice - Those born under the sign of the apprentice have a special affinity for magick of all kinds, but are more vulnerable to magick as well.
Elfborn - Fortify Maximum Magicka 15pts (150%), Weakness to Magicka 50pts
Magick Affinity - Fortify Intelligence 20pts, Willpower 20pts, all for 30s

The Atronach -  Those born under this sign are natural sorcerers with deep reserves of magicka, but they cannot generate magicka of their own.
Wombburned -
Spell Absorption 50pts, Fortify Maximum Magicka 20pts (200%), Stunted Magicka
Natural Sorcerer - Fortify Intelligence 40pts for 30s

The Ritual- Those born under this sign have a variety of abilities depending on the aspects of the moons and the Divines.
Divines' Blessings - Fortify All Attributes 5pts
Blessed Word - Turn Undead 100pts on Target in 100ft for 60s

The Lover - Those born under the sign of the Lover are graceful and passionate.
Mooncalf - Fortify Agility 20pts
Lover's Kiss - Charm 25pts for 10s

The Shadow - The Shadow grants those born under her sign the ability to hide in shadows.
Moonshadow -
Chameleon 20pts
Waning Crescent - Invisibility 60s

The Tower -  Those born under the sign of the Tower have a knack for finding gold and can open locks of all kinds.
Beggar's Nose
- Detect Animal, Key, and Enchantment 50ts (50 feet)
Tower Key - Open 80pts