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About this mod

The Sanctuary is my attempt to add a Lore-Friendly Temple Amsterdam style coffee shop in the Lower Waistworks of the Foreign Canton. There you can buy many products to meditate, relax and get closer to your favorites Gods.
The mod come with a quest: Help Dahlima, the coffee shop owner against an unexpected conspiracy.(no spoilers)

Permissions and credits

I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Credits

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon

II. Description:
The Sanctuary is a new interior inside the Lower Waistworks of the Foreigner Canton of Vivec.
This mod also adds a quest related to the shop.
I've tried to keep the mod as Lore-friendly as possible in terms of products, names, and reasons for a coffee shop to exists in Vivec.
The interior has been created keeping into consideration the canton size and should fit seamlessly in your game.

III. Compatibility:

This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't affect the Vivec Foreign Canton Lower Waistworks dramatically.
I tested it on Vanilla Morrowind and on a Rebirth based gamed and worked correctly on both.
The quest involves 2 minor NPCs that should have no impact at all in your game.
The ESP has been clean with TES3cmd.

IV. Installation and Removal:

To install, drop the contents of the zip file into your Data Files folder.
To remove, delete the associated file The Sanctuary.esp.

V. Credits:
This is my first mod, ever.
After years of using and admiring works from the best modders ever I've decided to go further and give it a try learning how to do it.
This would have not been possible without all the guides and tutorials made by the awesome Morrowind Modding community, in particular Darkelfguy tutorials, Danae videos, and Emma's How to.
Scripts and information from the above-mentioned tutorial are present and used in this mod.
Please feel free to give suggestions, points out errors, possible fix, and general improvements.

This mod wants to inspire all the people who are not into modding, as a reminder that it is possible to create your own mods, you just need a bit of determination and the above-mentioned tutorials.
Please, if you wish to modify or use my mod in yours, just drop me a message, I will be honored to answer you.