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Overhauls Morag Tong writs and also adds punishments and rewards for completing your missions, depending on whether you were caught.

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Lurlock is the author of this mod, I'm merely uploading it to Nexus. The original can be found in Morrowind Modding History.


Relieves you of the clutter of old writs by having the Morag Tong masters take them back if you've successfully completed the writ and have no bounty on your head. You will also be given an extra reward for completing the writ without needing to present your papers to the authorities (in some cases where it's almost impossible to get caught, you'll get docked pay for screwing up instead.)

Also, I've now incorporated my earlier mod "Writ Names" into this one, so each of the writs will bear the name of the person it's for, saving you the trouble of reading it or searching your journal to figure out your next target if you've forgotten.

Additionally, I've added a note to the text of each writ at the end, telling you where you can find the person you're looking for (it doesn't give you any new information, just the same as what you get when you're frist given the writ.) This is, again, done to save you from having to search your journal to find the directions if you've forgotten.


Just copy the ESP into your Data Files folder and activate it in the list. Can be installed and uninstalled even with an existing save. If you're upgrading from 1.0, this file completely replaces the original. It also replaces my earlier Writ Names mod, so you can get rid of Writ Names if you were using it before.


Incorporated my earlier mod, Writ Names into this one, so now they are one mod.  Also added notes on where to find the victims into the writs' text.
v1.2: (Sigourn):
Removed unnecessary spaces in dialogue and forwarded Patch for Purists typo fixes.
v1.3: (Sigourn):
Cleaned dialogue with TESAME.


Compatible with Leyawynn's The Ebony Blade.
Compatible with Curmudgeon's Threads of the Webspinner Completed.
Compatible with vegtabill's Vegtabills Threads of the Webspinner.
Compatible with Shuuda's Morag Tong Expanded.
Not compatible with Caeris' Morag Tong Polished. Caeris' mod already deals with writs.