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BTB - Sigourn - Necrolesian

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BTB's Morrowind rebalance mod, now with 100% more Patch for Purists.

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BTB's Game Improvements is a massive rebalance of Morrowind, with the intention not only to make more balanced, but more challenging as a result. In theory, it leads to the nerfing of some of the most popular Morrowind game mechanics, like alchemy, enchanting, and spellmaking. In practice, it leads to one of the most challenging and fun Morrowind experiences I have ever had.

The following transcript from BTB's readme is a very summary of what this mod is all about:

"Anyone who stops to take a look around will find a world full of garbage that exists mostly to take up space: spells and potions that nobody in their right mind would ever buy or use, equipment that occasionally manages to be less than useless, and the occasional item that's so overpowered that you have to wonder if anybody even playtested this pile at all. It's a mess - one that I've decided it was nigh time to be cleaned up."

BTB's Game Improvements consists of five separate modules, all of which were designed around their simultaneous use, but which could be used independently from one another. BTB's Game Improvements [Sigourn Fork] is my personal edit which aims to bring this mod up to speed with Patch for Purists, easily the best bug fixing mod available for Morrowind.

Along the way I've included Necrolesian's BTB's Game Improvements Tweaks, which solves a long standing bug which could cause the player to undergo sudden death when using Talrivian's State-Based HP mod (which modifies how health is calculated on level up), and also increases compatibility with No Rest Without Beds, a mod which I encourage you to install if you play with as it now replaces nearly all of BTB's cell edits and quite a few GMST tweaks that preventing sleeping in the wild.

All said and done, how does this mod deal with bug fixes, given it is pretty much its reason for existing?

  • All appropiate Patch for Purists fixes have been forwarded to these edited plugins.
  • All Morrowind Patch Project fixes absent from Patch for Purists, for one reason or another, have been removed. The only exceptions are tweaks that directly modify the balance (these only appear exclusively in the Equipment plugin), or gameplay consistency tweaks that no doubt BTB saw fitting.


Morrowind's Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions are required. Patch for Purists is an obvious heavily recommended mod. Also and because I know some people just skipped the description, No Rest Without Beds is a soft requirement as that mod effectively substitutes removed edits from this mod.


Because this mod will no doubt conflicting with a lot of mods, I heavily recommend the use of TES3Merge. This tool renders BTB's (outdated) compatibility patches useless.


Install the mod with your mod manager of choice, or simply drop the .esp fileS in your Morrowind Data Files folder and activate the pluginS in the launcher. Note that you must ONLY use one of the BTB - Character plugins.

  • BTB - Character.esp makes Eye of the Night a permanent ability for Khajiit. However, if you this ability to annoy you, you can always use...
  • BTB - Character (Alternate).esp omits this change to the Eye of the Night spell. Use this if you want to cast Eye of the Night at will.

Basic load order is as follows:

  • Morrowind.esm
  • Tribunal.esm
  • Bloodmoon.esm
  • Patch for Purists.esm
  • Patch for Purists - Book Typos.esp
  • Patch for Purists - Semi-Purist Fixes.esp
  • BTB - Alchemy.esp
  • BTB - Character.esp
  • BTB - Equipment.esp
  • BTB - Spells.esp
  • BTB - Settings.esp


Because BTB modified how Unarmored works, he had to increase the Telvanni Guard's notoriously low Medium Armor skill for them to stop going around naked. Therefore, if a mod adds NPCs that wear Medium Armor but lacking a sufficient enough Medium Armor skill, it is very possible they will go naked too. The solution? Increase their Medium Armor skill using the Construction Kit.


Remiros and half11 have made an outstanding mod called Morrowind Anti-Cheese, which fixes some of the most noticeable exploits in the game. Such a mod plays along very nicely with BTB's Game Improvements. However, there are certain compatibility issues you have to be aware of, all of which can be ironed out using TESAME, a tool that lets you remove records from mods with ease.

The following records should be removed from Morrowind Anti-Cheese.esp:

  • All Ingredient records.
  • All Enchantment records.
  • All Weapon records.
  • The Cell record for Caldera, Guild of Mages.
  • The Cell record for Balmora, Eastern Guard Tower.

Afterwards, simply load Morrowind Anti-Cheese.esp BEFORE BTB's plugins and everything will work appropiately.


Unless I say otherwise, load the plugins from these mods BEFORE those of BTB's.

  • Beware the Sixth House
  • Tribunal Rebalance
  • Bloodmoon Rebalance
  • Controlled Consumption
  • Harder Barter
  • Limited Leaping: Necrolesian suggests setting the cooldown effect to 1 second and the minimum stamina to jump at 20 (which is the amount of stamina one jump consumes in BTB's mod). If you install Speed and Movement Rebalanced, then set the minimum stamina to jump at 3 (which is the amount of stamina one jump consumes in Remiros' mod).
  • Marksman Rebalanced
  • Enchanted Capacity Rebalance
  • Realistic Movement Speeds
  • Economy Adjuster Adjustments: only activate EcoAdjCrime (Necro Edit).esp
  • Economy Adjuster - Bribing and Disposition, an edited version of HotFusion's original EcoAdjMerchantSkills.esp, which can be downloaded from the Optional section. Makes bribing NPCs harder.
  • BTB - Faction Requirements, based on BTB's original edit of Makeshiftwing's Service Requirements v1.4.3, which can be downloaded from the Optional section. Increases faction requirements for advacement, and optional modifies favored skills and attributes of certain factions, and also modifies governing attributes of certain skills. Load AFTER BTB's plugins.

What I said earlier rings true even more now: get TES3Merge and Merge all those conflicting records away.


BTB, for his original BTB's Game Improvements and his higher faction requirements.
half11, for Patch for Purists, which is really the only reason I set out to make this fork.
HoFusion, for his Economy Adjuster Merchant Skills plugin, which I have edited and hosted here.
Necrolesian, for his invaluable tweak of the Character module that I wouldn't have known how to fix myself and many of the mods he recommended to use alongside BTB's Game Improvements (none of which were his, may I add).