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Rigs some of the native Dunmeri armor and clothing. Other minor mesh edits included for free.

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Once upon a time I rolled a character. And all she ever wanted was a skirt, like that Dreamer Prophet in the sewers had, that fit her. She died of old age before finding one. The end.

I really like Morrowind's visuals (warts and all), but I admit there's room for improvement. I took this as a chance to learn how to skin/rig/whatever 3D models. Morrowind's low polygon count and restrictive textures turned-out to be a good teacher. I still learned nothing. Included here are the results of me fumbling in Blender.

The quality of these edits varies since this was a learning project. The Gah-Julan cuirass in particular is an absolute abomination. Check it out. It all started with the idea of making the bonemold bands around your abdomen move independently. While working on it I made this video (video of vanilla here).

Also included is an optional plug-in that hides your neck while wearing a Chuzei Helm. It still clips in the back a little. This isn't a problem (I think) with body replacers so don't use it if you have one.

Lastly, I would like to give a huge thanks to Greatness7 for the work on Blender's .nif plug-in.