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Adjusts Arrille's inventory to include the potions and scrolls he claims to sell.

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Adjusts Arrille's inventory to include the potions and scrolls he claims to sell. Arrille has the following dialogue in-game:

"Welcome to Arrille's Tradehouse. I barter for goods or coin. I also have a small selection of spells for sale. No credit. You want a little advice? That's free. That's ALL that's free. Would you like to hear about our most popular potions? Our most popular scrolls?

"Cure Common Disease and Cure Blight Disease potions are most popular with travelers. Fortify strength, endurance, speed, agility are very helpful in combat. Fortify personality is popular with merchants and shy persons. Of course, fortify fatigue keeps you fighting at your best. Restore health and restore fatigue are perhaps our most popular items. And for a short burst of power during a fight, you can't beat greef, shein, flin, mazte, and sujamma."

"Vigor and Vitality are our best-selling bargain items, restoring fatigue and health, respectively. Almsivi Intervention and Divine Intervention transport you instantly to the nearest Temple or nearest Imperial shrine -- good for routine or emergency transportation. Heartwise helps with persuasion. Summon Skeletal Minion brings help in a jiffy. And Drathis' Winter Guest does a lot of damage at a touch -- handy to whittle a too-tough opponent down to size."

The issue is that Arrille doesn't sell ANY of the potions he talks about. Only liquor. He doesn't sell Divine Intervention scrolls either. Now, you can headcanon your way out of this mod with "well these ARE popular items so naturally they have sold out!", but to the average Morrowind player (that is, only me) it is very annoying to read his dialogue, enter the barter window hoping to get a hold of some of them fine Restore Health and Restore Fatigue potions, and find nothing there.

This mod adds the following items to Arrille's inventory.

Potion of Cure Common Disease
Potion of Cure Blight Disease
Bargain Fortify Strength Potion
Bargain Fortify Endurance Potion
Bargain Fortify Speed Potion
Bargain Fortify Agility Potion
Bargain Fortify Personality Potion
Bargain Fortify Fatigue Potion
Bargain Restore Health Potion
Bargain Restore Fatigue Potion
Scroll of Divine Intervention

This is down by placing a chest of Arrille's ownership in his locked storeroom. That way we avoid incompatibility with mods that adjust his inventory directly (by editing his NPC record).


Install the mod with your mod manager of choice, or simply drop the .esp file in your Morrowind Data Files folder and activate the plugin in the launcher.


Sigourn (me).
Reizeron, for the suggestion of using a chest instead of editing Arrille's record.