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Makes the Madstone of the Ahemmusa align with its in game description so that the enchantment also affects the player and you will now hear the whispers of the ancestors when you use it. In addition, the mod also provides a new model and textures for the amulet. And adds some flavor dialogue to give some background on the amulet.

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"The Madstone of the Ahemmusa is a protection against the spells of witch-warriors. When you use it, and touch your enemy, it causes the voices of the ancestors to cry out in his head, confusing him, and fuddling his witcheries. I warn you, though; when you use the Madstone, the ancestors also cry out in your ears, so you, too, are made mad by their wailing. It is the Madstone. Perhaps it will not please a wizard, but it may greatly please a warrior."
Sinnammu Mirpal, Wise Woman of the Ahemmusa Tribe

In the original game, the amulet has no affect on the player when they use it
Made for the 2020 Winter Modjam competition

  • The Madstone's Sound enchantment now targets the player as well
  • You now hear the whispers of the ancestors when you use the amulet
  • The Madstone model and textures have been revamped
  • Additional responses to the "Madstone" topic have been added to the Ahemmusa Camp

  • Requires MCP's GetSpellEffects Tweak for the script to work properly

There are other mods which attempt to reconcile the Madstone's description to its gameplay effects. I made my mod before I realized they existed, but also because I do things slightly differently.

I plan to do more with the background of the Madstone and the Ahemmusa Burial grounds in a future mod, but was limited by the time frame of this challenge.

  • PikachunoTM - For making the smoothed mesh for the Madstone that I based my edits on
  • Remiros - For making Intelligent Textures from which the hi-res texture for the amulet and the glow map are based on
  • UIX Redemption Team - For the reflection map texture I edited to use in this mod