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A small, basic apartment within the Almas Thirr canton to serve as a player house. Lots of storage!

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This is my first ever mod! This mod adds a simple, small apartment within the Canton of Almas Thirr on Mainland Morrowind to use as a Player House. Nothing is labelled as owned, so you are free to store your stuff anywhere without it being marked as stolen.

The aim of the mod was to create a simple, relatively minimal home within Almas Thirr for use by players - especially those affiliated with the Temple. Storage space is plentiful, so it's perfect if you just want somewhere to dump your stuff.

You can access this mod through the Canalworks of the Almas Thirr canton. It's located to the left of the entrace to the Canalworks Temple, pretty easy to find!


You will need the base Morrowind and its expansions (as the requirements to run Tamriel Rebuilt in the first place).

You will also need TR_Mainland and TR_Data to be able to access Almas Thirr and thus the house.


Copy everything into your Morrowind/Data files and check "Almas Thirr Apartment.esp" in the Launcher.
Delete this file to uninstall.