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2 small mods using new interior tiles for the In_ImpBig set making larger open areas possible.

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I found that the big Imperial interior tileset filled up too much unused space, making it impossible to really create spacious interiors. More as a proof of concept, I altered the interior In_ImpBig_4way_01.nif to create more open spaces without the giant columns standing in the middle of the room.

Included in this mod are:

  • Some fixes to In_ImpBig_4way_01.nif (fixed small gap, fixed UV-map)
  • Modder Resource: A new set of static models to create your own open spaces (including a modder's resource esp-file with the models already loaded). 13 new models in total to avoid texture seams with every other texture replacer, this way you don't need to rotate the models. Just drag and drop.
  • Ebonheart Grand Council Hall: This will change the ground floor to a place where the Grand Council will have the opportunity to actually hold council.
  • Governor's Hall Overhaul: A more thorough overhaul. Made the ground floor a bit more pompous, fitting the status of a governor. Expanded the first floor to match the exterior, and make Odral Helvi's room also more fitting for a man of his standing.

Adding this mod to an existing game might actually place Odral Helvi outside of his new and expanded quarters. To fix, open up the console, select Odral and type in RA and hit enter