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This mod provides useful in-game indexes of tracking down various items and locations. They come as either books or flyers and can be found in various places.

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This mod provides useful in-game indexes of tracking down various items and locations. They come as either books or flyers and can be found in the following locations :-


1) Maps of Vvardenfell regions, Mournhold and Solstheim, as well as guides / locations to all Dunmer, Daedric and Dwemer ruins can be found at Jobasha's in Vivec.  

2) A complete alchemy guide (scouts log) and a flyer listing the location of all master trainers in the Balmora booksellers.

3) Mine location flyers in the Caldera mining office, the Tanners and Miners hall in Vivec, and the Craftsmen's hall in Mournhold. A flyer for eggmines can be found in the mezzanine above Gnisis.

4) A location of all Dagoth's in the Armigers stronghold in Molag Mar. (Table to the left on entering.) And beside it a location of all Ash Statues. (Helpful is you use my Radiant Quests mod.) Another Dagoth flyer is in the Tower of Dawn lower level.
5) A guide to all Stalhrim mines, and a map of Solstheims standing stones on a table in Fort Frostmoth general quarters. (Table to the right on entering the southmost door.)

6) A location of all vampire lairs in the Redoran stronghold in Molag Mar. (Table to the right on entering.)

7) Books of all caves / grottos, velothi towers and ancestral tombs in Vivec Library. (The shelves on the far side in the right corner.) The cave book has slaver and sixth house subsections if you want to hunt down some criminal scum.

8) A list of all shipwrecks in Balmora fighters guild. (On table as you go downstairs)
9) A location of all the Propylon Indices in the Caldera mages guildhall. (By Folms Mirel)
10) A guide to all Daedric Lord quests in the Vivec secret library.
11) Detailed maps of Red Mountain in the upper levels of Ghostgate.

12) Index of all Sanguine items for Threads of the Webspinner quest. On the table beside Eno Hlaalu in the Morag Tong HQ.

13) A complete map of the Mournhold undercity network, including sewer maps and maps of Old Mournhold and its connecting dungeons. Sold by the Mournhold bookseller.

14) The flyers for the custom armors added by Tribunal and Bloodmoon. These can be found beside the smiths in Craftsman Hall in Mournhold, and the Thirsk smith.
15) The in-game book, "The Consolidations of Prayer" added to the Ghostgate Temple, as it explains what each shrine does.

16) The books "Tamrielic Lore" and "Famed Artifacts of Tamriel" have been expanded to give hints of the artifacts whereabouts, as well as other rare artifacts which the Mournhold Museum are interested in. The text in each book remains identicle to each other as it was in the base game, as do their locations. (One beside Yagrum Bagarn, the other in Mournhold Museum.) These books are now *the* definitive treasure hunting books.

BONUS - All the books from TESII: Daggerfall added to Vivec library. They are on their own shelf and scattered around here and there. There's also a chest in the library containing a 'histories' series that includes complete versions of the empire pocket books. Holamayen monastery library area has also been expanded to include a load of extra lore books, mostly to do with the history of Nerevar and Dagoth Ur.


Credits : Used some images from Books of Vvardenfell. Mistymoon and Srikandi for the Mournhold maps, the rest from the almighty UESP.