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Ulf, a wolf companion

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ULF Companion Wolf
Mod for TES3:Morrowind
by Stripes

A simple pet mod i made for myself out of boredom.
Ulf, is a lost puppy you can find wandering around in Seyda Neen(i know not very original but convienent :P)
If you feed him rat meat [as his bracketed dialogue suggests]
he will become your companion for life.

if you feed him rat meat once a day, he will grow to full size over time. feeding more than once a day will not speed up his growth.

he will follow, stay, sit, lay down, play, and roll over.

has standard follow and warp scripts, but will not levitate, he will just wait for you to return.

Originally i had started on a better retexture but when i ran
into Bethesdas crappy UV mapping on the model i gave up and
just did a quick and crappy recolor lol