About this mod

For MGE XE PBR. Adds materials files, normal maps, specular maps, occlusion maps for over 2400 textures.

Permissions and credits
For use with the MGE XE v10.1 with PBR <--- click link

You must have the PBR version for this to work.  

Update 6/19/2020

More updates to armors and weapons. fixed steel battle axe and spear. Missing female Breton vampire face fixed. Bearclaw helm fixed. New Golden saint textures based on  Fear the Golden Saint by Articus (get that mod). Retooled the Dremora for less bluebacking. fixed inverted ormals for various bricks and Kresh plant. Heightmaps in the ground normals for even bumpier grounds, new creature textures based on Aendemika versions by Tyddy for reptiles (requires those mods to work), retooled other creature replacers for less plastic sheen, retooled Dunmer strongholds, new lavas based on Artemis lava. Retooled Dwemer and Daedric ruins. More occlusion maps, albedo maps, and spec maps for many other textures as well.

I recommend doing a search for meshes and getting any smooth mesh replacers as well: Smoothed Telvanni Townns, smoothed Ogrim, On the rocks light, overlooked meshes all go great with this.

Major UPDATE!! 02/22/2020

Retooled almost everything and added Skyrim textures in key locations.  Metals are now more metally, better armors, better trees, better rocks, better grounds, better weapons, better creatures.  Includes a fix for Improved Argoinians neck (highly recommended companion mod). 

The file called FullMod_PBR.7z has all of the Materials and Normal Maps, Specular Maps, Occlusion Maps, and Parameters Maps.  If you don't want everything, you should download the parameters files and the optional files of your choosing.  The parameters files are required as well as the materials files in order to make the mod work.

View the readme for other suggested textures and models to get the fullest effect.  Do get Lougian's ground textures, and taddius's rocks and vurts trees.  Its all in the readme.

This mod is a vast improvement over Environmental Normal Maps PBR and renders it moot.  Shininess on textures has been fixed, as have missing ground textures.  Metal armors and weapons are now more shiny.  Now compatible with Tribunal and Blood Moon.  Support for better heads, bodies, and clothes.