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Significant overhaul of the exterior and interior of Dagoth Ur, transforming it into a fortress befitting its legendary status.
Ancient technology and the power of the heart of Lorkhan will present new challenges.

Permissions and credits

Deeper Dagoth Ur
This mod requires the most recently nightly build of MWSE.
Please be sure to run the mwse-update.exe before playing this mod.

This mod requires the magic framework, Magicka Expanded.
The base package and summoning spell pack are required.
The other spell packs are not required.

This mod does not modify the vanilla heart or Dagoth Ur scripts. This means that the method of destroying Dagoth Ur has not changed, nor has any part of the quests involving the final fight.

Dagoth Ur is no longer an attraction situated on top of a volcano. Now, you will have to navigate the remnants of a fortress from long ago, from a war between living Gods. This mod significantly overhauls the exterior and interior of Dagoth Ur, transforming it into a fortress befitting its legendary status in lore. No longer will you be able to destroy demigods with repetitive magic; dwemer technology will stay your hand. And, most importantly, no longer will the battle between the mortal and the immortal be as simple as Vivec claims it to be. High level ash creatures, including Ash Vampires and Ascended Sleepers, have received new mechanics, new spells, and new immersive functionality. The final fight with Dagoth Ur has been re-imagined as a three stage fight: survive against a horde of oncoming enemies, face the resurrected and recalled heartwights, and finally, destroy the heart itself.

Known Bugs
  • There are some graphical issues in the interiors & exteriors of Dagoth Ur, where some parts of meshes should be hidden, among other things.
  • Ballista mechanics are currently disabled.
  • Sometimes there is a MWSE error stating an event was registered twice. This should not affect gameplay.

We are working on fixing some bugs as well as expanding content.  In the meantime, please post your bugs in the comments section or message any of the team members on the Morrowind Modding Channel Discord. 

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Remiros, Greatness7, PhDinSorcery, Meriyal, Rytelier, R0/Reizeron, SpaceDevo, Darknut, starwarsguy9875, Star Boi, and ThePostalDude for the resources and/or help they have provided.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator.

Special thanks to Darkelfguy for his constant effort to revitalize the Morrowind community.