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Turns every fishing pole into a usable fishing pole. Use bait to increase your chance to catch something.

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Fish With Fishing Poles  v2.0
by Ian


This mod requires the latest versions of Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.


This would only conflict with something that changes the nature of base-game fishing poles.


This mod turns every fishing pole in the game into a usable fishing pole. You can also buy bait from many waterside merchants or craft it yourself using a bait bucket available at the same merchants. Bait increases your chance to catch something.

Mod details and tips
1. When you pick up (or buy) a fishing pole, you can find it among your weapons instead of miscellaneous objects. This is important for mod functionality.
2. To fish, equip the fishing pole, stand very close to the water, and swing it just like you swing a weapon.
3. You can fish outside or inside.
4. This mod adds a hidden fishing skill that keeps track of how many times you fish. The more you fish, the more likely you are to catch something. Once you fish 5000 times, you have achieved maximum skill.
5. You will most likely catch slaughter fish or crab, but there is a smaller chance to reel in all kinds of things, including the chance for a few very nice items, and a chance to reel in a clue to find something extra special.
6. The things you find are often specific to the region or location.
7. Use bait to significantly increase your chance of catching fish. You can buy bait from many waterside traders (a list is below if you really want it).
8. You can also craft your own bait using a Bait Bucket, available from the same traders. Many base-game ingredients can be used to craft bait. Different ingredients will result in different amounts of bait crafted.
9. To use bait, simply have bait in your inventory when you fish, and it will be used automatically.
10. A little time will pass with each attempt at fishing (six game minutes) or one-tenth of a game hour.

With zero fishing skill and without bait, you have a 10% chance to catch something. With bait, you have a 20% chance. With maximum skill and without bait, you have a 40% chance to catch something. With bait, you have a 60% chance.
If you want to configure these chances, you can enter the console in-game and set a value for FishChanceModifier. The value of FishChanceModifier will increase or decrease the chance you catch something by 1%. For example, if you set FishChanceModifier to 50, it will increase your chance to catch fish by 50%. Therefore, if you have zero fishing skill and you don't have any bait, your chance to catch something will be 60% because the 50% is added to the already 10% chance you have. You can also enter a negative value to decrease your chances.

To set this value, enter the console in game and type "Set FishChanceModifier to X", with X as your prefered value.

Installation Instructions

1. Save and back-up your game. This is a good idea any time you start using a new mod.
2. Install the content of this archive into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.
3. Enable "Fishing" in your mod list.
4. To update the mod, just replace it with the new file.

Version History

1. Decreased the chance to catch fish.
2. Added bait as a means to increase the chance to catch fish.
3. Added the Bait Bucket as a means to craft your own bait.
4. A little time will pass now when you fish.

Original release.

List of Fishing Traders

You can buy a fishing pole, bait bucket, and bait from these traders.

Arrille, Seyda Need
Urfing, Pelagiad
Trasteve, Hla Oad
Hinald,Gnaar Mok
Ra'virr, Balmora
Dralasa Nithryon, Balmora
Shulki Ashunbabi, Gnisis
Sedam Omalen, Ald Velothi
Thongar, Khuul
Kurapli, Urshilaku Camp
Lanabi, Ahemussa Camp
Heifnir, Dagon Fel
Berwen, Tel Mora
Ashur-Dan, Zainab Camp
Ancola, Sadrith Mora
Elegal, Sadrith Mora
Ferele Athram, Tel Aruhn
Massarapal, Erabenimsun Camp
Felayn Andral, Monastery
Mandur Omalen, Molag Mar
Ralds Oril, Suran
Fadase Selvayn, Tel Branora
Jeanne, Vivec Foreign Quarter
Baissa, Vivec Foreign Quarter
Gadayn Andarys, Vivec - Hlaalu General Goods
Balen Andrano, Vivec - Redoran Trader
Mevel Fererus, Vivec St. Delyn
Sauleius Cullian, Ebonheart
Sathyn Andrano, Raven Rock
Sunel Hlas, Great Bazaar in Mournhold

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