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This overhaul replaces and overhauls, The exterior of Tel Vos and its interiors, this also includes its Dungeon which has been extended by 10-11 cells and an extra dungeon of 5 cells.

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Apart of The Morrowind Modding Madness Event 2019
Tel Vos Overhaul XTREME

Whats been overhauled?

-Exterior of Tel Vos
-Interior of Tel Vos
-Expanded Interiors 
-Dwemer Museum
-Telvanni Tower
-Extended Dungeon
-Extra Dungeon

In this overhaul Team 404 has overhauled and expanded on all the interiors adding new things and making Tel Vos overall a place you want to visit, Tel Vos also has a Dwemer Museum which we expanded on and gave it, its own interior and filled with many things to look around at. The exterior of Tel Vos has been overhauled and at the same time has been given a face lift, the shape/pattern of the overhauled Tel Vos is the same of the original Tel Vos,, we tried to make it lore friendly by not adding anymore venders since Tel Vos is the back bone to Vos.. 

We also did work on the 1 cell dungeon, most of you may notice the dungeon from one of my older mods, but their is a twist and a door leading to the rest of the Tel Vos dungeon, which has been extended by 11 cells and treasures that are well hidden.. mostly design then a full out war with creatures so we have taken art of the dungeon as more of a need then the need to slash creatures... but this overhaul will be updated with a few more things including a game play feature.

Tel Vos also has its own Telvanni tower init, which leads all the way up to Aryons chambers as well as the easy and fast way to his chambers at the top of the tower, this Telvanni tower also has an extra dungeon of 5 cells, if you come across any problems please let us know and please keep in mind their will be update coming out hopefully soon with the game play feature.. Also some Npcs dont have anything to say.. fear not it will not be like that for long.

I would like to say one more thing, in our overhauled Tel Vos you will see a ship that is in the middle of being built or at least moored their, this is a reference to Skyrim Dragonborn, since in Skyrim their is a ship called "Pride of Tel Vos".

Team 404

-Tel Shadow: Exterior/Interior
-Pulseflame: Interior

Tel Vos Lore

Tel Vos is the home of the youngest of the Telvanni Mage Lords, Master Aryon. The tower is located in the north-central Grazelands and Master Aryon is the only Councilman whose Tel is not on an island. Perhaps as a sign of his relative youth and openness to new ways, Master Aryon's tower is quite unique

Tel Vos appears to originally have been an Imperial fort, with the Telvanni taking ownership (recently and forcibly, judging by the presence of Imperial prisoners) and growing their iconic mushroom structures around it later. Aryon himself resides at the top, accessible only with levitation. As a living fungal form, the tower actually interpenetrates the stonework, and Aryon's experiment cannot be seen as a complete success.

While Tel Vos is worth a visit out of pure architectural interest, it also has a Dwemer museum, a small but excellent library, and a dungeon. Tel Vos is the primary regional center for the Grazelands, extending Telvanni influence beyond traditional reaches. The lack of services in Vos make what's available in Tel Vos all the more important. Services available in Tel Vos include an enchanter and trader in enchanted goods, an apothecary and Milar Maryon who sells spells and potions. All can be found in the Services Tower.