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An attempt to make Racial Powers and Birthsign Abilities more useful and distinct, while *mostly* adhering to vanilla concepts and ideas from other entries in the TES series.

Permissions and credits
My crack at making a Race and Birthsign Mod 
Community feedback and criticisms not only welcomed, but absolutely needed! 


1. Included in the package are three versions of the mod;

- YARABO Birthsigns.esp contains new powers for the birthsigns, plus
expanded text in their menu descriptions taken from UESP.
Only the Atronach Sign retains its original ability, but it does have a new description
for the sake of consistency. 

- YARABO Races.esp contains new powers and abilities for the 10 vanilla races.
  Starting Attributes and Skills are untouched. The only thing altered is their 
  new powers.

- YARABO Total Overhaul.esp is a combined plug-in of Races and Birthsigns. 
   Do not use either the Birthsigns esp or the Races esp ALONGSIDE the Total Overhaul.

   You're gonna have a bad time if you do so. Technically, Birthsigns and Races can be 
   used together, but there's no point, since the Total Overhaul esp is already included.


2. This mod grants new abilities to the vanilla races and birthsigns. Obviously, YARABO
   will conflict with any other mod that functions in a similar manner. This mod does
   NOT alter the vanilla effects from the Spellmaking menu; all of the new powers were 
   created for this mod with their own IDs to minimize the chance of any other possible 
   conflicts. Many of their in-game names are the same as their vanilla counterparts, but
   otherwise are completely distinct on a technical level.

3. This mod only requires the esm files for Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon to 
   function. To install, simply move the esp file you want to your
Morrowind Data Folder or open the package through Mod Manager.
Again, you should only select one of the three available ESPs.

4. Install and activate ONLY when creating a new character. I highly advise against activating
   YARABO after you have started the game. Likewise, do not replace any old version of YARABO
   with this release on a character reliant on the previous version; you WILL run into issues.


Like many people, I'm not overly fond of how Bethesda tends to handle racial and birthsign
powers. Many of them feel redundant, indistinct, or highly limited in their usefulness; to 
the point many players seem to forget that they even exist. And 9/10 times, these powers
are woefully outclassed, and essentially just dead-weight in your spellbook. 

Many modders over the years have put out their own spins on revamped racial and birthsign powers. Many 
of those mods are quite good. But for Morrowind, I could never find one that was quite to my 
personal tastes. 

This is the first mod I've put forward for the wider community. I'm honestly rather tech-illiterate, 
but I did my best to follow the guides and tutorials from STEP and the Nexus.  

More detailed info can be found in the included ReadMe, as well as some commentary on my thought-process behind 
my decisions in case your're curious and perhaps perplexed by some of my choices. 


Saxhleel Scales
+ Resist Disease 65%
+ Resist Poison 25%
+ Swift Swim 15 pts
- Weakness to Frost 15%
Histblood (once a day)
+ Restore Health 2-5 pts for 30 secs on self
+ Water Breathing for 300 secs on self

+ Resist Fire 60%
+ Resist Blight 15%
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 10 pts

Ancestral Guidance (once a day) 
+ Turn Undead 1-50 pts for 45 secs on touch for 25 ft
+ Sanctuary 15-75 pts for 120 secs on self
+ Detect Key 450 pts for 120 secs on self
-  Sound 5-50 pts for 122 secs on self
-  Weakness to Magicka 1-100 pts for 125 secs on self
Costs 15 Magicka

Suthay-raht Furstock
+ Jump 5 pts
+ Fortify Fatigue 30 pts 
+ Sanctuary 10 pts
Eye of Night 
+ Night Eye 55 pts for 60 secs on self

Nature’s Grace
+ Resist Disease 75%
+ Fortify Attack 10 pts
Echo of the Wild Hunt    
+ Fortify Attack 5-35 pts 15 sec
+ Fortify Agility 5-35 pts 15 secs
- Drain Fatigue 20-75 pts 15 secs
- Drain Personality 30-75 pts for 80 secs on self
Costs 5 Magicka
Beast Tongue (once a day)
+ Command Beast 1-50 pts for 600 secs on touch
+ Detect Animal 225 pts for 1200 secs on self
Costs 15 Magicka

Star of the West
+ Feather 20 pts
+ Fortify Fatigue 40 pts
Voice of the Emperor (once a day)
+ Fortify Speechcraft 5-70 pts 5 secs on self
+ Fortify Mercantile 5-70 pts for 5 secs on self

+ Resist Frost 75%
+ Resist Shock 40%
+ Fortify Health 25 pts
- Weakness to Fire 5%
- Weakness to Magicka 35%
Thunder Fist (once a day)
+ Restore Strength 2-10 pts for 5 secs on self
+ Fortify Strength 10-40 pts for 120 secs on self
+ Fortify Attack 10-20 pts for 120 secs on self

Yokudan Vigor
+ Resist Poison 50%
+ Resist Disease 25%
Adrenaline Rush (once a day)
+ Fortify Attack 15-35 pts for 60 secs on self
+ Fortify Strength 45-75 pts for 60 secs on self
+ Fortify Speed 45-75 pts for 60 secs on self
+ Fortify Health 45-75 pts for 60 secs on self
+ Restore Fatigue 5-10 pts for 60 secs on self
- Weakness to Magicka 40-65 pts for 70 secs on self
- Drain Endurance 40-65 pts for 65 secs on self
- Damage Health 1 pts for 35 secs

Spurned Might
+ Resist Magicka 50%
+ Fortify Health 40 pts
+ Feather 10 pts
+ Fortify Strength 15-35 pts for 20 secs on self
+ Resist Magicka 5-25% pts for 20 secs on self
+ Fortify Fatigue 25-50 pts for 20 secs on self
+ Resist Paralysis 40-90% for 20 secs on self
- Blind 120-300 pts for 25 secs on self
- Drain Personality 70-125 pts for 220 secs on self
- Damage Fatigue 5-20 pts for 22 secs on self

Dragon Skin
+ Resist Magicka 50%
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 12 pts
+ Spell Absorption 5 pts
Heir of Galen (once a day)
+ Restore Magicka 3-7 pts for 30 secs on self
+ Spell Absorption 5-45 pts for 30 secs on self
- Damage Fatigue 10-30 pts for 40 secs on self

+ Resist Paralysis 75%
+ Resist Disease 75% 
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 20 pts
- Weakness to Fire 30%
- Weakness to Frost 25%
- Weakness to Shock 25%
- Weakness to Magicka 50%
Mystic Blood (once a day)
+ Dispel 80 pts on self 
+ Restore Intelligence 2-20 pts for 3 secs on self
+ Restore Willpower 2-20 pts for 3 secs on self
+ Fortify Magicka 125-175 pts for 60 secs on self
+ Detect Enchantment 225 pts for 1200 secs on self
Costs 25 Magicka



The Warrior
The Warrior’s Blessing
+ Fortify Strength 20 pts
+ Fortify Attack 10 pts

The Mage
The Mage’s Blessing
+ Fortify Willpower 20 pts
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 10 pts

The Thief
The Thief’s Blessing
+ Fortify Agility 20 pts
+ Sanctuary 10 pts

The Lady
The Lady’s Blessing
+ Fortify Endurance 20 pts
+ Resist Magicka 25% 

The Steed
The Steed’s Blessing
+ Fortify Speed 20 pts
+ Resist Paralysis 25% 

The Lord
The Lord’s Blessing
+ Fortify Health 35 pts
+ Resist Magicka 15%
- Weakness to Fire 90%
Blood of the North (once a day)
+ Restore Health 1-3 pts for 300 secs on self

The Apprentice
The Apprentice’s Blessing
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 15 pts
- Weakness to Magicka 75%
Syrabane’s Favor (once a day)
+ Restore Magicka 1-3 pts for 300 secs on self

The Atronach (*Only one left unchanged)
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 20 pts
+ Spell Absorption 50 pts
- Stunted Magicka

The Ritual
The Ritual’s Blessing
+ Resist Frost 25%
+ Resist Fire 25%
+ Resist Shock 25%

The Lover
The Lover’s Blessing
+ Fortify Personality 20 pts
+ Fortify Fatigue 50 pts

The Shadow
The Shadow’s Blessing
+ Fortify Sneak 20 pts
Moonshadow (once a day)
+ Chameleon 30-60 pts for 15 secs on self
+ Invisibility for 150 secs on self
Costs 10 Magicka

The Tower
The Tower’s Blessing
+ Reflect 15 pts
- Weakness to Shock 15%
Watchtower Key (once a day)
+ Fortify Security 15-80 pts for 30 secs on self
+ Detect Key 150 pts for 1200 secs on self
+ Detect Enchantment 150 pts for 1200 secs on self
+ Detect Animal 150 pts for 1200 secs on self
Costs 10 Magicka

The Serpent
Scion of Sep
+ Fortify Max. Magicka 5 pts
+ Fortify Luck 15 pts
+ Reflect 5 pts
+ Resist Poison 40%
- Weakness to Disease 20%
- Weakness to Blight 20%
- Burden 15 pts
Star Curse (once a day)
+ Dispel 100 pts on self
+ Cure Poison on self
- Damage Fatigue 50-100 pts on self
Star-Eater (once a day)
+ Spell Absorption 100 pts for 7 secs on self
- Drain Fatigue 50-100 pts for 10 secs on self