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Fixed versions of two meshes in Lougian's Caverns Bump Mapped and Bloodmoon Caverns Bump Mapped.

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Caverns Bump Mapped Fix

Caverns Bump Mapped and Bloodmoon Caverns Bump Mapped, by Lougian, each contain one borked mesh with an incorrect texture path that results in errors in-game. This small mod contains fixed versions for those two meshes.
If you're using Wyre Mash, install this archive in the installers tab like normal (the fixes for Caverns Bump Mapped and Bloodmoon Caverns Bump Mapped are separate sub-packages, so you can install both fixes, or only one).
If you're not using Wyre Mash, manually copy the Meshes subdirectory for each fix into your Data Files directory (so the directory structure will be: Data Files\Meshes\...).
This mod is simply a patch for the mods "Caverns Bump Mapped" and "Bloodmoon Caverns Bump Mapped" by Lougian. Each fix requires that its respective mod be installed first. In other words, install Caverns Bump Mapped and/or Bloodmoon Caverns Bump Mapped, then install these fixes.
Version History
Version 1.0 - 2019-07-15
   - Initial release.
Lougian is the talented creator of the original mods.
Also, Nexus user lpkchri1 is the one who pointed out these mesh errors in the comment section for Caverns Bump Mapped.
Feel free to use this however you want, but you should credit Lougian.