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You have to talk to people to know their names. You have to use objects to know their properties.

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                                          Not Clairvoyant Nerevarine 1.04

Morrowind Graphic Extender XE
Latest version of MWSE

With this mod you no longer have magical power to know names of people and properties of objects by looking at them. To know someone's name, you have to ask them about their background. To know a book's name, you have to read it. To know where a door leads, you have to open it. To know what a potion does you have to drink it. A key's name is hidden until you unlock a door or container with it.

Download and install MGE XE
If you installed MGE XE manually, then you have to download and install MWSE
Install the mod.

Compatibility with other mods
May conflict with mods that edit 'Background' dialog topic.
Lua mods that modify tooltips are supported.
All vanilla  NPCs reveal their name when asked about their background, but some mods add NPCs that don't do it. To make the mod reveal NPC names only when it's mentionded in dialogue open  "Data Files\MWSE\mods\NotClairvoyantNerevarine\main.lua" and replace line "local bBackgroundTopicRevealName = true;" with "local bBackgroundTopicRevealName = false;".

Change log
1.0          First release

1.01        Door tooltip does not show destination cell, if the cell was not visited.

1.02Minimap door marker shown only for locations you visited.
Local map door marker shown only for locations you visited.
Potion effects are hidden until you drink one.
Real key name is revealed when you unlock container/door.

1.03If NPC mentions their name in greeting dialog, it will revealed.
Every NPC tells you their name in response to 'Background' topic.
Hide NPC name when pickpocketing or looting corpse.
MCM option to reveal only item name when bartering.
Tooltip for player made potions is not modified.

1.04Fixed: some NPCs' names did not update when asked about their background.

1.05Fixed crash with MW Rebirth.