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Using MWSE Lua, adds hotkeys for lockpicks and probes, as well as hotkey cycling options, ordering options, and auto-equip options for activating locked or trapped objects.

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Security Enhanced
By: OperatorJack

The best way to contact me is on the Morrowind Modding Discord, as OperatorJack.

My MWSE Mods on GitHub

This mod seeks to enhance the security skill by adding some QOL updates to Morrowind:
- Hotkey for Lockpick
- Cycling options for Lockpicks (what happens when you press the hotkey)
- Auto equip when activating a locked object

- Hotkey for Probes
- Cycling options for Probes (same as before)
- Auto equip when activating a trapped object

All options for the settings above are configurable through the in-game MCM options.

I recommend looking at Skill-based Trap Detection to use in conjunction with this mod. If you use this mod, you should disable auto-equip when activating a trapped object in the MCM menu.

This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods is added.