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11 of my mods rolled into one, complete with an easy installer for the new guys :D

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This pack contains 11 of my mods (all graphics mods) that I have packed into one bundle and included an installer for those of you that are new, confused, or just plain dumb/ lazy :D

The installer is nothing more than a simple batch file (see read me included) that moves the contents of your unzipped download to the correct location (assuming you have Morrowind on your C: directory of course). If you don't have the game installed on C: -> See the readme on what to do.

These are all new models, and all my own stuff, so no need to thank anyone else (I don't think)

All the weapons can be switched on/ off if you don't like them in an esp

If you don't like any of these models and want to make your own, I have published a book that shows you how (because I'm that thoughtful) for any game you so desire.

An Introduction to 3D Modelling (e-Book)        An Introduction to 3D Modelling (Paperback)

My Blog is The Rubber Room if you want to know what I'm doing, or just steal my links pages for Morrowind

You can also find me on Discord (The Rubber Room) if you care to search for it.